Why can’t I delete messages on messenger 2022

Why can’t I delete messages on messenger 2022

Best answer Why can’t I delete messages on messenger Facebook owns the chat software Messenger. It enables users to communicate with one other through text messages. It is possible for a recipient to remove a message. The receiver, on the other hand, cannot get rid of them.

Why can’t I delete messages on messenger?

The sender or one of the receivers may be offline if you can’t delete a message on Messenger. Once they’re back online, you may attempt uninstalling it again.

why can’t i delete messages on facebook messenger 2022

Unless you have physical access to the recipient’s phone, it is impossible to remove your chat history from theirs. The closest alternative is to resend all of the messages you’ve sent them and then remove the conversation from your Facebook Messanger.

why can’t i remove message for everyone on messenger

Only communications sent by the user may be deleted. You may press and hold on a message you sent and choose Remove, and you’ll get the choice to Remove for Everyone or Remove for You.

how do you delete a message on messenger that won’t delete

You should be able to remove a discussion by long-pressing it. In Messenger, long-press on the chat you wish to remove and then hit Delete (or the red trashcan symbol) to confirm the deletion. Hey!

How to delete conversation on Messenger

You’ll need to discover the chat in question by scrolling through the Messenger app on your phone.

Tap “Delete” after swiping left on the discussion.
Delete the discussion by hitting “Delete” in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen.. Remove every communication by repeating this step.

why can’t i delete messages on imessage

Go to the Settings menu and choose Messages and select Keep Messages. Make sure that the 30 days is selected and then restart your phone. Check to see whether the message may be deleted once the reset procedure is complete.

Why can t i unsend a picture on Messenger

Only the person who received the picture may remove it from his or her own account. The photo might be deleted from his/her account if this account is shared with you. Unfortunately, once you’ve sent a message or photo, you can’t take it back.

How to delete messages on Messenger iPhone

On my iPhone, how can I erase messages from Messenger? Swipe from left to right on the conversation you wish to remove in the Messenger app. Press the Delete key.

How to delete a hacked message on Messenger without opening it

Log in to your Facebook account at facebook.com.

The Messenger icon is located at the upper right of the screen.
In order to delete a message from a chat, you must first open the conversation.
The three-dot symbol may be found by hovering over your message and clicking on it.
Remove by clicking on it.
Remove the message by clicking on the Unsend for Everyone option.

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