What happens when you report someone on Snapchat

Best Answer What happens when you report someone on Snapchat They’ll take a look at the photo or account that was reported and determine if the content violates any community standards. If an account or snap is found to be in violation of these standards, Snapchat has the right to report it to law enforcement.

what happens when you report someone on snapchat

After reviewing the content, they will determine if it violates community standards. If an account or snap is found to be in violation of these standards, Snapchat may report the offender to law enforcement authorities and remove the offending content from the platform.

If you report someone on Snapchat will they know

On Snapchat, everyone’s reporting is anonymous. However, even if their post or account is removed as a consequence of your report, the individual you are reporting will remain anonymous.

How many reports does it take to get banned on Snapchat

Yes, you can do that. A minimum of three reports is required for this. All social media is dependent on user behaviour, thus if someone reports an account, it will be rectified because of the user’s habits. In the user’s Story, they can see the Snap for up to 24 hours. Within 24 hours of being published to their Story, the submitted Snap is usually deleted and no longer accessible. The only way to see a conversation’s chat messages is if the sender or recipient has chosen to save it.

I accidentally reported someone on Snapchat

You can undo a report by scrolling to the bottom of the person’s profile image and tapping Undo. Your request for a report has been cancelled immediately.

Reporting someone on Snapchat

After pressing and holding on the name of a Snapchat user, tap on the icon (the top-right corner of the screen) and select “Report” from the drop-down menu.

Report Snapchat account to police

If you see something offensive, please let us know about it immediately away by using the in-app reporting feature. To report a Snap, simply hold down the ‘Report Snap’ button while holding down the Snap. Let us know what’s going on, and we’ll try our best to help!

How does Snapchat review reports

A report you make on Snapchat is emailed to Snapchat’s moderators, who review it. They will review the content and determine if it violates the community guidelines.

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