What Happens If You Get Reported On Ps4

Best Answer What Happens If You Get Reported On Ps4 Since Playstation’s staff looks at every report, just being reported won’t hurt you. But if you did something wrong, your account could be suspended or even banned for good, depending on how bad the mistake was.

What Happens If You Get Reported On Ps4

No action will be taken against you if you have been reported by Playstation personnel. The seriousness of your acts could result in your account being suspended or perhaps permanently banned, depending on the circumstances.

How many reports to get banned on PS4

A lot of people have stated that after three interim suspensions, they were hit with a permanent ban. The actual number of suspensions and bans is unknown, therefore your next one could be permanent once you receive a suspension or temporary ban the first time.

Can you get banned for false reporting on PS4

Repeated reports to Playstation can result in an account being suspended or even banned.

How to report someone on PS4

Open the PlayStation App on your phone or tablet. Select the material or profile you wish to report by clicking on the link.
You can report messages by holding down the material you want to report and then selecting the Report option.
Tap More and select the Report option for profiles.

Message deleted by PlayStation safety

It’s the job of the moderation team to keep PSN safe for everyone. In order to avoid banning any players, we always send an email or system notice when we identify a Code of Conduct violation (and, of course, why we’re writing this page!), as the last thing we want to do is remove any of our users from PSN.

PlayStation Safety number

Playing on the PlayStation Network (PSN) is secure and entertaining for everyone. Please follow these PlayStation Safety rules to keep your PSN experience as risk-free as possible:

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