What happened to my Windows Live Mail 2022

Best Answer, What happened to my Windows Live Mail There is no longer a Windows Live Mail option. A newer version of the Microsoft Outlook software, Windows 10 Mail, has replaced it.

What happened to my Windows Live Mail

Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows Live Mail, and the software is no longer accessible for download. If you still have this on your computer, there is a chance that you may get it to function properly again. However, if you need to reinstall it, there is a slim chance that you will be able to obtain a copy to download.

Is Windows Live Mail still available

It is no longer possible to access Windows Live Mail. Windows 10 Mail, which can be accessed via the Microsoft Outlook program, took its position as the default email client once it was discontinued.

Windows Live Mail Windows 11

Whether you’ve been making use of Windows Live Mail, you should see if the Windows Mail program can meet your needs. Your email address will already be configured in the Mail program on your computer if you login in to your Microsoft account on your personal computer. Additionally, the People and Calendar applications on your Windows PC and Windows Phone are synchronized with the Mail app on both devices.

Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

The Windows Live Essentials download may be found on Archive.org. You have the option of downloading via a torrent client or your browser. Start the installation process by running the file. Make sure that the option to “Select applications to install” is selected. Remove the checkmarks from any applications that you do not want to install. Make sure that you check your mail. Click the Install button.

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