What Are Virtual Copies In Lightroom

Best Answer, Virtual Copies are electronic copies of an image file. In other words, they are copies that were only made in Lightroom. When you make a virtual copy, the original file is not copied in any way. In its catalogue, Lightroom only keeps information about editing.

What Are Virtual Copies In Lightroom?

Virtual Duplicates, as the name implies, are virtual copies of an image file. To put it another way, they are merely copies made inside the Lightroom environment. The source file is not physically copied when you do a Virtual Copy. Lightroom simply keeps track of editing data in its library.

Virtual Copies in Lightroom CC

The option to “Make a copy” appears when you right-click on a picture. This creates a duplicate of the picture. It isn’t marked as a virtual copy in Lightroom CC. However, I just checked the linked catalog in Lightroom Classic CC and it is there as a virtual copy. Both photographs appear in the info column of Lightroom CC as original and backed up. That’s not particularly obvious, yet it seems to be the case.

Create Virtual Copy Lightroom shortcut

The shortcut CTRL +'(PC) or CMD +'(Mac) may be used to make a Virtual Copy (MAC). You may also pick “Create Virtual Copy” from the “Picture” dropdown menu, or right-click on your photo on the filmstrip and choose “Create Virtual Copy.”

Lightroom virtual copy not showing

It’s operating as intended, according to DdeGannes:

1) No matter where the creation point is, virtual duplicates are made and stacked alongside the original file in the original folder.

2) If a library filter is in place, the new virtual copy will seem to vanish since it does not inherit any information from the original file.

3) It will vanish if it is generated from many smart collections. (The VC will not be included to the smart collection unless it complies with the smart collection guidelines, which are as follows: o…

Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy

Select Photo > Create Virtual Copy to make a virtual copy. The Virtual Copy appears in Lightroom as a second thumbnail of the shot (with a little page curl indicator in the bottom left) that may be modified, exported, printed, and so on independently of the Master photo.

How to delete all virtual copies in Lightroom

1. Press ‘g’ on your keyboard or click on the grid view icon. 2. Select ‘Attribute’ from the drop-down menu above the picture thumbnails. 3. Inventive+ phrasing

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