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We should eat Fish for better health

We should eat Fish for better health. Fish tops the list of foods in terms of taste, nutrition, and flavor. Surprisingly, Pakistan is one of the countries in the world where fish is eaten in small quantities. Surprisingly, people buy goat meat for Rs 1,200 per kg and buffalo meat for Rs 600 per kg but ignore fish at Rs 300 per kg.

Another misconception is that fish should only be eaten fried. No, the fish curry is also very tasty and delicious.

There is a fear and myth among people that eating fish will cause a thorn in their throat. This is also a misconception. With a little precaution, a fork is unlikely to get stuck in the throat because the presence of a fork inside the mouth is known.

There is no prohibition on drinking milk after eating fish. We have been eating fish for thirty years and drinking milk from above. This misunderstanding should also be removed.

We raise fish all year round, but people ignore this most valuable food and roll the farmer’s year-round labor on the streets.

Then make it a habit to eat fish and eat hard this winter, God willing. As you know, fish increase the immunity inside the body a lot, and as the show of krona is going on a lot nowadays, you can increase the immunity inside your body by increasing the use of fish in this fish. Can. And your body is very effective against the disease.

Fish benefits

We should eat Fish for better health. There are many types of fish found. But most efficient and beneficial for health is Dumra fish. This type of fish can be easily produced in the fish forums. Many developed countries are trying to increase the production of fish forming. Nowadays there is the problem of food increase, then countries are trying to solve it.

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