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Verify BVN Details Online in 1 minute

It’s critical for anybody with a bank account in Nigeria to know their Bank Verification Number (BVN). When the Nigerian Central Bank (CBN) ordered all banks to freeze any account without a BVI number in 2015, the BVN became highly prevalent.

Only 11 numbers make up the BVN, and they stay the same regardless of how many accounts you have with different financial institutions (s). With this card, you may access any or all of your accounts from any bank since it’s compatible with all major financial institutions.

BVN was created to make theft and concealing more difficult. It’s also useful for completing bank or online transaction tasks. As a result, it’s necessary to have the code on hand at all times. If you’ve lost your BVN or don’t have access to it at any time, you may still verify it using alternate methods.

How To Verify BVN Details Online

BVN information may be checked online without contacting your bank in any manner. It is now possible for Nigerian Banks clients who have completed the obligatory BVN registration to authenticate their BVN data online, thanks to the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC (NIBSS).

To verify BVN Detail online first visit this site https://bvnvalidationportal.nibss-plc.com.ng/bvn-validation-portal/

Please provide the proper BVN and birth date in the fields below.

The information you want will be shown on your screen after you click the “search” button.

And choose the payment option that is most convenient for you to pay the desired amount.

To establish your ownership of the BVN, you just only supply some information, such as your BVN and your date of birth.

Second, you’ll be able to pay the 25NGN procedure cost using your ATM card. You may verify your BVN data if you meet all of the conditions.

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