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Update ICICI Bank Email ID in 2 minute

ICICI Banks online banking service allows customers to complete practically all banking tasks from the comfort of their own homes. ICICI Internet Banking allows you to manage your account conduct account activities update personal information and even move your bank branch. You may use your registered cellphone number and debit credit card credentials to sign up for ICICI Internet banking.

Its critical to keep your accounts email address up to date in order to get transaction notifications E statements and OTPs. If you’ve changed your email address or haven’t yet enrolled you can do so using internet banking.

Documents Required To Update Email ID in ICICI Bank

Before you begin the process of updating your email address you must collect complete the following items:

Registered Mobile Number  To receive OTP by SMS you must have a registered mobile number that is current.

ICICI Debit Card  The debit card must be linked to your bank account.

You must first create an account with ICICI internet banking.

If you’ve forgotten your netbanking password, you may reset it here.

How to Update Your Email ID in ICICI Bank Easily

You may change your email address for your savings account as well as your credit card.

Navigate to the ICICI Bank website at https://www.icicibank.com/

Enter your UserID and password by clicking the LOGIN button. You may also use your cellphone number and OTP to log in.

Click the OVERVIEW option on the homepage then the Personal Details option.

Now on the new page click the UPDATE button next to the Email ID column.

Select the account number from the list on the new page and then input your NEW EMAIL ID.

To change your email address click the SUBMIT button.
You must verify your identity on the new page. Take out your ICICI debit card and look at the Digits Grid on the back.

You must input the digit that corresponds to the letter displayed on the screen.
Click the UPDATE button once you’ve entered the digits correctly.

Your email address has now been changed and updated.

change email id in ICICI credit card online

You may update your email address without inputting your credit card information if you use a credit card

On your computer go to the ICICI bank website. – https://www.icicibank.com/

Enter your UserID and password by clicking the LOGIN button. You may also use your phone number and OTP to log in.

Select PERSONAL DETAILS from the OVERVIEW option on the site.

Now choose For email update in credit card from the drop down menu.

From the list select your new credit card number and then enter your new email address on the screen.

In front of the Email ID section click the SUBMIT option.

Done Your email address has been changed in the system.

ICICI Bank can help you change your phone number.
Follow the steps below to update your contact information

How To Update Your Mobile Number with ICICI Bank

Select your desired language after inserting your ATM card.

Enter your PIN which is four digits long.

Select More Options’ now.

Choose Register your Mobile from the drop down menu.

Enter and reenter your 10 digit mobile phone number.

In two working days your phone number will be updated.

On the updated mobile number you will receive an SMS.

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