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UNBLOCK Your ICICI Credit Card in 1 Minute

Many more of you already have an ICICI Bank Credit Card. Great Credit cards are sometimes restricted for a variety of reasons or you may have temporarily blocked them. This guide will explain how to unlock your ICICI Credit Card.

Today in This Article We Lean About UNBLOCK Your ICICI Credit Card. If You want to Know UNBLOCK Your ICICI Credit Card So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide on How To UNBLOCK Your ICICI Credit Card.

ICICI Bank credit cards may be managed online via internet banking mobile banking or phone banking. Unblocking an ICICI credit card is one of these services. If you have temporarily banned your card and would like to unblock it you may do so online.

Documents Required To UNBLOCK ICICI Credit Card

  1. Registered mobile number You must have the mobile number registered with the bank.
  2. The cellphone number must be active and capable of receiving OTP through SMS.
  3. If you wish to unblock your credit card using internet banking you will need your ICICI online banking user id and password.
  4. To unlock an ICICI credit card utilize the WhatsApp App with the same mobile number that is registered with the bank.
  5. If you wish to unblock your credit card via the App you must have an immobile App LOGIN PIN.

How to UNBLOCK ICICI credit card using WhatsApp

first of All Save ICICI credit card WhatsApp banking to your phone or dial 8640086400 immediately.

Enter the OTP you got on your phone to confirm your identity.

Now type Menu and press the send button.

Then click the Credit Card Services button.

Choose the Block Unblock My Credit Card option now.

You may now pick the Unblock button.

OTP will now be sent to your registered cellphone number. Enter this OTP into WhatsApp and send it to yourself.

Your credit card is now unblocked and you may use it normally.

How to UNBLOCK ICICI credit card online From immobile App

Launch the immobile App on your smartphone.

Then input your LOGIN PIN or biometric authentication information.
Once you’ve logged in to the App go to the Credit Card area and press the Manage option.

Now beneath your card details tap on the Card Unblock option.

You may now use the immobile App to confirm your action to unlock your ICICI credit card.

Unblock Your ICICI Bank Credit Card Through Calling Customer Service

In the event that you will be unable to unblock your credit or debit card or do not have access to your mobile. Use the ICICI Bank Customer Care Number to unlock your credit card at that time.

First Call the toll-free number 1860 120 7777 for assistance.

Customers in private and wealth banking can call 1800 103 8181.

Ensure that the hotline number is dialed from your registered phone number.

Keep your credit card number and personal information on hand.

Request that your credit card be unblocked by the executive.

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