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UAE An important Explanation Came About Working 4 and a half days a week

The announcement of working four and a half days a week in the United Arab Emirates received a significant explanation. According to The National, UAE Minister of Human Resources Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awar stated that the private sector in the UAE is not need to adjust the working week and that private sector enterprises are not required to stop their weekend. Change to Saturdays and Sundays instead of Fridays, as the UAE’s new labour regulations allow private sector businesses to pick which days of the weekend will make them more competitive. Assist in the expansion of the business.

He highlighted that, while the government does not direct the private sector when to work, businesses are required to adhere to a legal restriction on the amount of hours they may work. Longer working hours are discussed, which are 48 hours per week, and firms can pick shorter working hours if they choose, but not more.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awar stated that the private sector must decide how many working hours and days it desires, and that it will give at least one day off on weekends. However, I believe that private sector companies adjust their weekends and Sundays because they make decisions based on what they believe will improve their competitive position, and they will make wise decisions that suit their businesses.

It should be mentioned that the UAE government has stated that it would work four and a half days in the new year, with Saturday and Sunday being formally acknowledged as weekends by the UAE government. Working hours will be eight hours each week from Monday to Thursday, and four and a half hours on Friday, according to the UAE’s new working hours, which will take effect on January 1, 2022.

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