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Torkham border controlled under Taliban

Torkham border controlled under Taliban. Afghan-Pak border is now controlling by Taliban forces. This morning the Taliban attacked the Turkham border and took control of the Turkham border and Pakistan has temporarily closed the Turkham border. Nobody can come and leave from the border.

As you know, the Taliban have gained the most control inside Afghanistan and now Afghan forces have been forced to flee. Many areas have been taking over and now the Taliban have take control of Afghanistan.

As you know that torkham border is the bidest border for Afghanistan. Now all the control of this border has been taking over by the Taliban. The Taliban has announced that the trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan set according to new rule as soon as possible.

At this time the situation of Afghanistan is not set. General dostam has been fled away and the Taliban take control of his home. Now Pakistan has seized the border urgently. As soon as the peace will be complete Pakistan will open the border.

This afternoon the Taliban are now taking the control of Afghanistan and Kabul. The Taliban started to take over the helicopter in the American Embassy. The employee of the embassy are running away from the embassy and try to save our lives.

Corruption in afghan forces

The United States has said that 300,000 Afghan forces are enough for the Taliban to occupy inside Afghanistan, but that the Taliban attack on which area where Afghan forces leave their weapon and slender to the Taliban.

As well as Torkham border controlled under Taliban. Now the United States has said that the political leadership deceives us. According to the documentation there is 300000 forces are present, but no resistance has been occurring in any area. The US tells that only documents have been prepare and we have lost our $89 million on Afghan forces.

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