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The HarmonyOS user increases up to 4 crores

The HarmonyOS user increases up to 4 crores. China company Huawei operating system Harmony users is increasing day by day. At this time about 4 crore people are using Huawei operating system. As you know, Huawei is a famous Chinese company. Huawei’s smartphones are famous all over the world. The operating system of Huawei is called Harmonia operating system. Now the demand for Harmonia operating system is increasing all over the world. The number of people using it has increased to more than 40 million.

Number of Apps in HarmonyOS

As we know, the main reason for the growing popularity of Android is that there are a lot of applications inside it. Now in the Harmony OS, the number of applications within this operating system has also increased a lot. At present, there are about 134000 applications are present. About four million developers are working on it.

Android and HarmonyOS

The HarmonyOS user increases up to 4 crores. The growing reason for Android is that you can use it easily. At that time there are many mobiles that prefer Android only, like techno, Samsung, LG, Infinix, one plus, Vivo, etc. It is user-friendly and people can use it easily. No problem. It is very easy to use Android. Anyone who is illiterate can read and write easily.

Now considering the popularity of Android, Huawei has also invented its own operating system. It is also user-friendly. You can also use it easily. Many people are using it very easily. If there is no one. The problem is not the problem and can be easily used. Anyone who wants to use the application will be no tension.

Huawei and 5G

Huawei is the only company in the world that is going to invent 5G technology. And this technology is going to change the world. Many countries have agreed to run it. The United States has not yet agreed to run it. The only reason for this is that there is a clash between android and Huawei.

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