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The Education System in Pakistan

The education system in Pakistan is grouping into six levels: preschool (age from three to five years), primary (grades one to five), middle (grades six to eight), high (grades nine and ten), resulting after SSC to the HSSC or intermediate (grades eleven and twelve) after progressing to HSSC and university programs progressing to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The literacy rate ranges from 82% in Islamabad to 23% in the other Districts. Literacy rates vary territorial and particularly by sex. Females in tribal areas have a literacy rate of 9.5% while Azad Jammu & Kashmir feature is 74%. Now a day the trend of the English language in Pakistan is increased very high. Approximately 50% of Pakistanis having a command of the English language.

More than 60% population are living in rural areas and others are living in urban areas. But the literacy rate of rural areas is very low. Because there are no educational facilities are provided. The data shows that the literacy rate is higher in urban areas 76% than in rural areas 51%.

Province wise Literacy Rate

  • Punjab leads with 63%
  • Sindh with 60%
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwan with 53%
  • Baluchistan with 44%

Improve The Education System in Pakistan

Some features which improve The Education System in Pakistan.

  1. Improve the primary level infrastructure
  2. Improve quality of education
  3. Availability of teachers, science laboratories and study material
  4. Importance of particles

Improve The Primary Level Infrastructure

Every student goes through the juniors schools from grade one to five. Primary level education can take a vital role in the educational system. In our urban areas, there are many more primary level schools while in rural areas which contain some numbers of schools there. That is the problem, the distance of the school is the most. So that the students could not reach regularly. Even teachers could not also reach regularly. So more than schools established in villages that the most of the children admitted to the school and increasing the enrolment.

Improve Quality of Education

Teachers should prepare the lesson very well. They planned every lesson and prepared the examples and SLO’s (Student learning outcome). They thought the relevant examples to deliver the lesson very effectively. Teachers should try the way of teaching is simple, and effective that the students interact with the lesson.

Availability of Teachers, Science Laboratories and Study Material For improve The Education system in Pakistan

The quantity of teachers is less according to the demand or STR (student-teacher ratio). This is a major loss for us. The number of teachers as compared with the number of students and the number of subjects. Well-trained teachers are available in schools. At primary and Elementary levels no science or computer lab is available there. This is a major issue. Because of the unavailability of labs and other material the students could do the practice. And without practice, the students could not understand effectively.

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