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The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra

The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra were born on September 9, 1975. He is the biggest businessman and entrepreneur. Raj Kundra is from India but lives in London(UK). He is a good-looking middle-aged man and a handsome personality. In 2004, he was ranked as 198th the richest Indian UK businessman and the great entrepreneur. When Raj Kundra was a little child his father Bal Krishan Kundra was a small businessman. His mother Usha Rani Kundra was an assistant in a shop. In 2009, Kundra married the Bollywood actress very gorgeous beauty and hot Shilpa Shetty. Now a day, Kundra is the biggest investor, he is investing in cricket, a mix of martial arts and movies.

The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra’s Early Life

The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra’s father belonged to a poor Punjabi family, migrated to Bathinda, and become a bus conductor after that he went to London and started a small business. His mother was working in a shop as a shop assistant. Kundra was born in London and grew in there. At the age of 18, Raj Kundra moved to Dubai and after Nepal and started a business. He started his business career selling Pashmina Shawls. From this business, Mr. Kundra became a milliner. In 2007 he moved to Dubai starting the trading and construction of different projects like LLC, energy projects, and so on.

The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra’s Marriages

The British-Indian Businessman and Entrepreneur Raj Kundra have married two beautiful women. Firstly he has married Kavita Kundra. He had a daughter from the first wife Kavita and later in them divorced. Mr. Raj Kundra was becoming the richest, successful businessman. He has been married to the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on 22 November 2009. Kundra and Shetty have a son have born on 21 May 2012 and a daughter has born on 15 February 2020.

Raj Kundra’s Business

Raj Kundra is associating with many more like sports, media, trading, film production and invest many projects. He also invests in Super Fight League, Indian Premier League, and Bastian Hospitality a restaurant chain in Mumbai. In 2015 Kundra was establishing the television broadcast platform Best Deal TV. The famous Bollywood actor Akshay Komar was becoming his co-promoter.

Indian Premier League

In 2009, Kundra and Shetty invested in IPL and leading to the Rajasthani Royal team using their offshore company based. This investment is the question mark by the Indian government. In 2013 the Delhi Police investigated Kundra for the 2013 Indian Premier League spot-fixing case. Raj Kundra and some players of his team were arrested and investigated by Police. After that, a panel was appointed by The Supreme Court of India and imposed a life ban the sports activities. Kundra didn’t accept these charges and appeal to the Supreme Court of India.

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