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Taliban take control of 22 districts in Afghanistan

Taliban take control of 22 districts in Afghanistan. For the last two decades, American and Taliban wars continued. But two months ago America compromise with the Taliban that America will leave Afghanistan. That agreement was held in Doha Qatar. In Qatar, the Taliban has an official office. And in this office with the help of Pakistan and Qatar America and the Taliban make a peace agreement. The agreement was clear that America will leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

As well as America leaves Afghanistan than Taliban start to take control of Afghanistan and take control of many districts in less time. At this time Taliban has taken over control near about 22 districts including Qandahar. Now the Taliban is near to take control of Kabul.

Ashraf Ghani the president of the Kabul government, leave the presidency and resign from the presidentship. Mr.Ashraf Ghani takes the decision to leave Afghanistan with his family and take help to other countries for a living. At this time the general of Afghan forces leave Afghanistan already.

Joe Biden about afghan war

Taliban take control of 22 districts in Afghanistan. At this time all American forces leave Afghanistan and want to destroy all the weapons and technology. Joe Biden says that we have lost our 3 trillion dollar asset and near about 2500 troops were kills in Afghanistan. For this reason, we cannot continue any more war with Afghanistan. India has also taken a lot of losses during this war. Behind this war, India involves in the terrorist attack in Pakistan. Now all his struggles ruin by the Taliban.

Nowadays the peace has been creating in 22 districts of Afghanistan. Because the Taliban take complete control over the 22 districts of Afghanistan. At this time Kandahar has been taken and Jalalabad airport is also taken by the Taliban.

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