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Send Free SMS To Any Network In Nigeria

It is a product of M-plify Limited that allows consumers to hire local specialists for service requirements via an online marketplace. It is possible to find more than one hundred services listed on V-connect, with categories ranging from repairs and maintenance to home remodeling to events and entertainment.

There are also categories devoted to personal services, business services, and logistics. Currently, V-connect provides services to African nations like Nigeria and Ghana, among others.

In 2010, after becoming frustrated with his inability to find information on Nigerian native firms online, Dee-pankar started assembling a team to enable the collecting of information about local SMEs, which would be accessible via a Google-like local search engine.

On the 8th of March 2011, he and his co-founder, Anand Chander Mohan, created Vconnect.com together. V-connect is a subsidiary of the Tolaram Group, which is based in Singapore and has its headquarters there.

Send Free SMS To Any Network In Nigeria by V-connect’s

Visit http://www.vconnect.com/smsconnect for further information.

Sign up as a completely new user.

A verification code will be sent to the phone number that you provided during the registration process.

Verify your cell phone by entering the verification code into the box that has been supplied.

Verify the information by clicking here.

If your account has been validated successfully, you may get an associate alert, which will urge you to complete your profile.

Make changes to your profile.

Click on the SMS-connect link on the website to be taken to the SMS dashboard after the data has been correctly updated.

To launch the SMS musician, click on the “QuickSMS” link to bring up the SMS musician. Type your message and hit the “Send” button.

Benefits of V-connect’s

v-Connect is an end-to-end OTA platform that includes components from the backend to the car, as well as ECU computer code.

A powerful arthropod genus is used in v-Connect to change application development and integration of the latest OTA applications with existing business systems. v-Connect supports 2 ready-to-use applications for software updates and live nosology. v-Connect is intended to maximize security from the ground up (embodying the “Secure by design” principles).

v-Connect is available for a wide range of backend systems.

v-Connect may be utilized on a wide range of microprocessors that are equipped with a POSIX operating system.

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