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Schedule fund transfer in SBI in 2 Minute

Customers of the State Bank of India have access to a variety of digital banking services that allow them to manage their accounts and conduct a variety of transactions without having to visit the bank. Scheduling a financial transfer is one such service. You may specify the transactions fund transfer date so that you don’t miss any critical fund transfers.

Documents Required To Schedule fund transfer in SBI

  1. Username and password for SBI Internet Banking.
  2. Yono Lite Easy PIN from SBI
  3. You must have your registered mobile number with you.
  4. OTP should be sent to your phone number through SMS.

Schedule fund transfer in SBI using Yono Lite App

You may easily set the date of the transaction to transfer the funds using the SBI Yono Lite app.

On your smartphone install the SBI Yono Lite app.

Use your Internet Banking Username and Password to sign up for the app. OTP verification is used to verify the identity.

You may now use the Easy PIN you created during registration to log in to the app.

Select the Funds Transfer option from the app’s main screen.

Select Other Bank Fund Transfer from the drop-down menu.

Select your SBI account on the new screen and then NEFT or RTGS as the mode of fund transfer. The scheduling transaction functionality is not supported by the IMPS mechanism.

Select the beneficiary information now. Check to see whether you’ve previously set up a beneficiary in SBI.
Select the amount you wish to send to the beneficiary as well as the fund transfers purpose.
Finally, choose the Schedule Later option and then the transaction date.

Accept the terms and conditions before pressing the SUBMIT button.

On the following screen double-check that all of the information you provided is right then click the CONFIRM button.

Your registered cellphone number will now get an OTP.

Tap the SUBMIT button after entering this OTP.

A request for a fund transfer timetable has been prepared. A message with a Reference Number will be sent to you.

From the planned transactions menu choice under the fund transfer option, you may Reschedule or Cancel transactions.

You may also set the transaction date for your financial transaction using the online banking capability on your computer.

Schedule fund transfer in SBI Using Internet Banking

Open the onlinesbi.com webpage of SBI Internet Banking on your PC.

Enter your username and password by clicking the log-in button. After that, input the captcha code and click the Login button.

On your registered cellphone number you will get an OTP. To log in to your account enter the OTP displayed on the screen.

Click the Payments Transfer option from the menu on the homepage.

Click Other Bank Accounts on the new screen then pick NEFT or RTGS as the kind of transaction based on the transaction amount.

Select your SBI account from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount you wish to transfer as well as the reason for the transfer. Additionally, choose the account to which you wish to pay the funds.

Finally, choose the Schedule Later option.

After accepting the terms and conditions click the Submit button.

On your registered cellphone number you will get an OTP. On the screen enter this OTP and press the Submit button.

For your booked transaction you will now get an SMS with a Reference Number.

From Request Enquiries  Scheduled Transactions  Internet Banking transactions, you may reschedule or cancel the scheduled transaction.

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