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SBI Online Money Transfer Using Debit Card

Customers of the State Bank of India have access to a variety of digital banking services. Money transfer through ATM using a debit card is one of these services. If you don’t have access to Internet Banking or a smartphone to utilize UPI Apps you can transfer money to the recipient using your debit card at an SBI ATM.

For this service, a minimal fee of Rs.25 would be charged from the sender’s account. Per transaction, a maximum of 10,000 rupees is permitted. You can send up to Rs. 25,000 each month per sender. You may also only transfer a total of Rs. 50,000 every month. There is a monthly restriction of 10 recipients per sender.

Documents Required To SBI Online Money Transfer Using Debit Card

Today in This Article We Lean About SBI Online Money Transfer Using Debit Card From Different ways. If You want to Know SBI Online Money Transfer Using Debit Card So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide How To SBI Online Money Transfer Using Debit Card. Before going to the SBI ATM make sure you have the following items.

SBI Debit Card To transfer the money you must have an ATM Debit Card with you.

To prove ownership you’ll need to know the four-digit ATM PIN.

Mobile phone number of the person who will benefit – Check to see if the phone number is legitimate and current. This number will receive the sender code from SBI.

Your cell phone number

How to do SBI online money transfer using a debit card

To quickly transfer money using your SBI debit card follow these simple steps.

Get your SBI ATM card and go to an SBI group ATM near you.

Put your card in the slot and enter your ATM PIN.

Do not attempt to withdraw the card until the transaction has been completed or the transaction has been canceled.

Select Fund Transfer from the drop-down menu.

Select the SBI Instant Moey Transfer IMT option.

From the ATMs, the keypad enters the beneficiary’s mobile phone number.

Now using the keyboard type in your phone number.

Input the four-digit Sender Code now. You are free to choose any code you choose.

For confirmation re-enter the sender code.

How To withdraw money by beneficiary sent by you via IMT

Within two days of getting the SMS code on their phone, the recipient must go to an SBI group ATM.
From the ATM’s screen select the IMT option.

Put in the Sender Code that you’ll provide them.

Enter the SMS code that was sent to their phone number on the following screen.

Now type in the amount you sent Need to enter the full amount as the partial amount is not allowed currently.

The cash will be dispensed by the ATM. To finish the deal collect the cash.

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