Renew Driver license Online in Nigeria Just 5 Minute

The Federal Road Safety Corps was established by the Nigerian federal government to guarantee that all road users follow the norms and regulations outlined in the country’s constitution. They also ensure that all road users meet the requirements for national ownership. A valid driver’s licence is a fundamental necessity for all road users.

Obtaining or renewing a driver’s licence in Nigeria is a stressful process. But in reality, no one may legally drive without a proper driver’s licence, for fear of causing law enforcement officials humiliation. A driver’s licence has caused many individuals to miss essential appointments and even have their automobiles impounded. A driver’s licence is required to drive in Nigeria.

To drive legally, a licence must be obtained and maintained for a period of 3 or 5 years. Many drivers wonder how they can renew their licences without any complications. Making an application for a driver’s licence online is far easier and faster than visiting the FRSC office in person. The only need to go to the FRSC office is to submit your application form.

The fact that the current licence is just 30 days away from expiration qualifies you to renew it. To renew your driver’s licence online, you will need a computer with a printer, a strong internet connection, and a valid credit card to pay online.

Documents Required To Obtaining Driver’s License Letter

  • Request letter for a driver’s license. Mention your current address and phone.
  • The Federal Road Safety Commission must certify applicants’ driving records.
  • Return Envelope (Canada priority or Express post-Courier Envelope Only)
  • Original and a valid copy of the National Driver’s License (to be sighted and returned to owner).
  • $50.00 to the Nigerian Embassy.
  • Copy of applicant’s Nigerian passport with the latest entrance into Canada stamped

Quick-Step To Renew Driver License In Nigeria

  1. Apply for a driver’s license online at or in person at a Driver’s Licence Center in Nigeria (DLC).
  2. Make a payment for the licensing fee, either online or at a financial institution.
  3. Present your application to the DLC’s Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) Officer and Vehicle Inspection Officer for approval.
  4. Go to the DLC Federal Road Safety Corps Officer for biometric data collection in step four.
  5. After that, you’ll need to get a 60-day temporary driver’s license.
  6. After 60 days, go to the BIR Office to pick up your original driver’s license.

How To Renew Driver license Online in Nigeria

Renew Driver license Online in Nigeria Just 5 Minute

For licence renewal, go to the official website of the Federal Road Safety Corps at

Choose “renew” from the drop-down menu and enter your licence number and date of birth.

Please click on the search option; if your existing licence is not due to expire in less than 30 days, you will not be eligible to apply for renewal of your licence.

If you match the requirements outlined above, you’ll be given two options: 3 years of validity or 5 years of validity, depending on your preference. The validity period of three years costs NGN 6,350, while the validity period of five years costs NGN 10,450.

After you have selected one of the validity choices, your biodata will be presented on your computer screen, where you may make any required changes to it or update any information that has already been entered.

All of the FRSC offices that are accessible will be presented on your screen; it is recommended that you select the office that is the most convenient for you; keep in mind that the location you choose will be where you will submit your form and subsequently receive your renewed licence.

Select if you wish to retake the biometric in the FRSC office or not, and then submit your application.

Making a payment online using an inter-switch or a credit card is simple.

The driver’s licence acknowledgement slip will be presented when the payment has been completed.

Remember to keep a record of your application ID someplace safe and print at least two copies of the slip that appears.

Return to the application ID section of the website and pick “track DL application status” from the drop-down menu.

In the field given, type in the application ID that you noticed earlier in the process.

Make a second copy of the confirmation slip (a minimum of two copies).

Following the completion of the aforementioned steps, you will be required to go to the FRSC office of your choice to complete the application. Make sure to bring all of the printed slips, as well as your old driver’s license and two passport pictures, to the FRSC office.

How to Check your Driver’s Licence Application Status Online

To Check Application Status visit

On The Given Box Enter your Driver’s Licence Number

The next step is to enter your date of birth into the drop-down menu (as it was during your application)

Click On Search Button Your Driver’s Licence Application status will show

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