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Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank

Branches and ATMs of Canara Bank allow customers to register their cellphone numbers. If you don’t have a bank account linked to your cell phone, you won’t be able to use several of the bank’s services, including UPI, Mobile Banking, and messed call banking.

Today in This Article We Lean About Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank From Different ways. If You want to Know Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide How To Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank.

Things Required To Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank

  1. The branch employee will need your account number to complete the paperwork. The passbook has the account number listed.
    To register a mobile number with an ATM, you’ll need an ATM card or debit card and a PIN.

Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank By ATM

Insert your ATM card into a Canara Bank ATM.

You will be prompted to enter your ATM PIN once you enter it.

Click Register Mobile Number on the new page that appears.

Key in your cell phone number.

You’ll get an OTP text message on your phone. Select Confirm after entering the OTP on the ATM’s screen.

In a few hours, your phone number will be connected to your account.

You will get a confirmation message on your mobile number after your mobile number has been registered.

Register Mobile Number In Canara Bank By Filling The Form In The Branch

Ask for a mobile number registration form at your local Canara bank office.

Enter the account information, such as the account number and the name of the account holder.

Select “Change mobile number and update my new cellphone number” from the list of options.

To register a new cellphone number with the bank, follow these steps.
To complete Step 5, you must affix a photocopy of your ID to the form and sign the document using your bank’s registered signature.

Submit the application to the executive for consideration.

Your Canara bank account will be linked to your mobile phone number in 2 business days after you complete this step.

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