Ramiz Raja appoints as a PCB chairman

Ramiz Raja appoints as a PCB chairman. Pakistani player and famous commentator Ramiz raja appoint as the new chairman of the PCB. The previous chairman was Ehsan mani leave his job on 24 August. In the same, while Waseem Akram and Sarfraz Nawaz ex test cricketers were also candidates of the chairmanship, but Imran khan appoint Ramiz raja on pure merit.

At the same time let me tell you that we are Rameez Raja who has traveled all over the world. He has very good experience with cricket. He has a good idea of how to run cricket. I think Rameez Raja is very good. In a way, Pakistan Cricket Board will be taken very far and with it Pakistan cricket will also develop a lot.

Pakistan cricket board chairman

Ramiz Raja appoints as a PCB chairman. You should also know that cricket has become a very popular sport and is very much loved by the Pakistani nation and our new chairman can understand the thing very well Pakistani cricket fans are always famous in the world wherever Pakistani team match was playing Cricket ground is full. Raja can understand it very well and can tell the world clearly that Pakistan and Pakistani people love cricket so much and cricket inside Pakistan is very much important. Will strengthen and can also visit many other teams in Pakistan.

At the same time, let me tell you that every Mr. Rameez Raja now goes to comment. When Pakistan’s series is playing with another country, they also give different players there on how to say and the series. How should he go ahead and keep sending different field staff to tell which player he can feed and at the same time he also helps in the batting of the Pakistani team that he is a chairman as well as a good coach.

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