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Papul and neem trees are unique trees

Papul and neem trees are unique trees. Papaya and neem are two unique trees that produce oxygen 24 hours a day.
All other trees produce oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide at night. For the same reason, doctors and sages forbid sleeping under a tree at night except for neem and papaya trees.
The other advantage of these two trees, namely neem, and papaya, is that they contain all kinds of pollutants in the atmosphere, ie all the harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia. In addition to the ability to absorb all the toxic gases that are present in the air in the form of vapors of various chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Why are these two important

Papul and neem trees are unique trees. Why are these two trees more important than other trees?
A: Both produce oxygen at every moment
2: Both plants clean the air at all times.
In the time to come, our generations will face the following problems.
1- The problem of water scarcity
2: – The problem of lack of oxygen in terms of population
3: The problem of air pollution

Let’s plant at least one neem or papaya plant for the survival of our children and our future generations which will also be a charity for us.
It is a fact that history never forgives anyone.
It is up to us to plant, for ourselves, and for humanity. We have to put it into practice.
An example is a service. We strive to provide our children with the best water, food, their fruits, and all kinds of expensive luxuries.
Have we ever thought of providing them with oxygen and clean air or have we taken any practical steps to provide them with oxygen and a clean environment?

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