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Pandora Papers 700 Pakistani are Included

Pandora paper leaked, and many people who are millionaires are included. In this paper, those people contain which have a business in your own country as well as they make their companies in abroad country without their notice to your own government. Now a pandora paper has been leaked. In this paper 117 countries are included. In this paper businessmen, politicians, media persons, as well as military persons, are included.

Some Pakistani in Pandora papers

According to the media, there are 700 people are contained in this pandora paper. Which are most known politician person. Currently, government member, Pakistan Tehrek Insaf is also in this Pandora paper. Most people are also working in the central government. Now, this paper is also famous like Panama leaks and Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we will take notice against those people who are participating in off-shore companies.

List of some Pakistani people

Some Pakistanis are on this list

  • Mr.Shoukat Tareen Finance minister
  • Moonis Elahi Minister of water resources
  • Fiasal Vawda.
  • Abdullah masood khan son of waqar masood khan, PM former adviser of finance
  • Khusru Bakhtiar and his family
  • Abdul Aleem khan
  • Sherjeel memon
  • Ishaq dar son Ali Dar
  • Arif Naqvi
  • Tariq Shafi
  • Wife of chaudhary parvez Elahi
  • Yawar Salman son of Salman siddique son

List of Millitery person in Pandora

  • Retired lt gen shafat ullah wife
  • Raja nadir parwez retired army officer
  • former ISI director retired major general nusrat naeem
  • Umer and Ahad Khatak sons of former Pakistan Air Force chief Abbas Khattak
  • Retird Lt Gen Habibullah Khan Khattak daughter Shahnaz Sajjad Ahmed (also the sister of retired Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan and sister-in-law of former federal minister Gohar Ayub Khan)
  • Rtd Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal Muzaffar son Muhammad Hassan Muzaffar
  • Rtd Lt Gen Khallid Maqbool son-in-law Ahsan Lateef
  • Wife of Rtd Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir Zahra Tanvir

Business person in Pandora

  • CEO acact Mr.Shoaib Sheikh
  • NBP President Arif Usmani
  • National Investment Trust Managing Director Adnan Afridi
  • Peshawar Zalmi owner Javed Afridi

Pakistani Media Person

  • Jang Group Mr.Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman
  • Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon
  • Express Sultan Ahmed Lakhani
  • Pakistan Today Owner (late) Arif Nizami are also in the list
  • The Govrmet Group also owns the GNN TV channel

These are some people who contain from the Pakistani community. This is the list of those people who are famous personalities. More than 700 people are in this list. These are all who made his wealth out of the country. These do not pay tax to the government. They are the thief of the Pakistani people. Live in Pakistan, but makes its Off-shore companies to abroad.

Also, Pakistan their insaaf want to strict action against those people which include in “Pandora paper” like Panama leaks. PM Imran khan always requests the world, not to allow these people to come to their own country who take the money in the fraud way.

These people are the enemy of their own country. PM Imran Khan also says that when people take money from a poor country to a rich country then poor countries will never develop and make any progress. Moreover, Imran khan want to resign from those people who include in this pandora paper.

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