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Pakistan will help NATO in Evacuation from Afghanistan

Pakistan will help NATO in Evacuation from Afghanistan. According to the agreement of America and the Taliban, all NATO forces will be evacuated from Afghanistan until 31 august 2021. But United states want some time to evacuate after 31st august. But the Taliban do not agree with that, Now America requests Pakistan for temporary residency for one month in Pakistan.

As you know that in the evacuation process Pakistan airline PIA operation is continue. Now PIA will also help in the evacuation process of NATO. As you know that PIA is a ban in many countries due to technical reasons, but now many countries are allowing PIA to enter their country. In the same, while Pakistan international airline is working in Afghanistan in the evacuation of citizen

PIA flight operation

Pakistan is helping a lot in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Now American citizens and soldiers have come to Pakistan inside Islamabad. What is the best arrangement for this? Is doing as you know Pakistan international Airlines is still operating and many calls are coming based on Hamid Karzai International Airport is open till it is under the control of American and from there the revolution of American continues and there Pakistan Airlines is taking American citizens to bed with them. They will stay in Pakistan for one month.

Evacuation process from afghanistan

Pakistan will help NATO in Evacuation from Afghanistan. At the same time, let me tell you that with such a moral process, other countries are also in touch with Pakistan. The owners of all their cities will revolutionize. They are respected. They are in touch with Pakistan because when Pakistan and Afghanistan The reason for the meetings is that you can come with the direct ring road so Pakistan is doing this to the citizens of many countries.

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