PACI Civil ID Delivery Appointment 2022

PACI Civil ID Delivery Appointment 2022

Best Answer, PACI Civil ID Delivery Appointment Visit Click Start Service Enter a Civil id Number and Serial Number pay the Required fees Fill Form Carefully Like Address Timing Phone Numer, etc. Within 2 to 3 days You will receive your ID On Your Given Address.

ID delivery This page explains Kuwait’s home delivery time and process. Kuwaitis and residents may go to the General Authority for Civil Information website and arrange an appointment to get civil cards instead of paying for delivery. Depending.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Appointment

Paci Kuwait civil id home delivery Registration request is very simple. Just follow the Below steps for civil id Delivery and also for Payment.

First, open Paci’s website. Google or Direct may open this webpage. Here

When you approach the Paci Delivery website, you’ll see this page, as shown. Here are all the delivery service specifics. Scroll down and click to tick the page’s box. Then click the Start button.

Next, enter your civil id and serial code. Don’t bother about these things. Simply Take your old civil id card and put the number in the first box. Click add. See the step below. The serial number is on the back of the ID card.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

When you add the button. Civil id information appears in the box. Check the delivery fees and civil id card number here. Click Start. After clicking Start, you’ll see the following page.

Here are Paci Delivery’s Requirements. In the photo, you must write your Name, Phone number, Email Address, and Language. In the first information required field, specify the delivery time.

Next Requirements Section. You must put your id card delivery address. Choose “Civil ID Address” as Your previous Card’s address. Another Paci Addresses. Write your building’s Paci address in this box.

If you can’t find Building Paci. Relax. Main Gate primarily paci address on Wall. There’s reading. You may manually add an address. Choose the third option and enter your Details.

Click Next when. The screen refreshes. Where you must confirm paci id card shipping data. Next, click.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

You’ll see a pop-up when you’re redirected to the payment page. Just wait. After the checkout page opens, enter card information and pay delivery costs. Print or save your receipt. You’ll get your Paci Civil id within a few days.

Civil ID delivery contact number

For Any Complaints or Delivery Related Question Call On 22066550. Or 9651844447 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. From Sunday night till Tuesday afternoon You may contact and ask any questions you have regarding the process of renewing your civil ID, collecting it, or having it sent to your house. On both Friday and Saturday, the PACI office won’t be open for business.

Civil ID not ready for delivery

When you make a request on the PACI website for the delivery of a civil identification card after entering a civil identification number, you will get the following message: “Sorry, This Civil ID Card is Not Ready for delivery.” Please try again later, since it indicates that your civil identification is still being developed or processed, is incomplete, or has an error. After waiting for three to five days, you should reapply for your civil ID delivery.

Civil ID delivery Request form

The Form of Civil id delivery is Available on the PACI Website When you Click On the Start Delivery service. After Entering a Civil id number Serial Number and Payment of Delivery. On The Next Page, the Delivery form Automatically Will be open Where you Can easily put the delivery Address and receive your id at Home & office.

Civil ID online payment 5 KD

For renewal, the Civil Information Authority charges KD 5. They will charge you KD 2 if your civil card doesn’t have a chip. Go to the website and click on Fee Payment Service from the list. Give your social security number and then choose to ask about fees. On the next page, you’ll find information about how to pay. To pay the fees, read the page and do what it says.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery Registration

The Registration process is simple just follow Below steps for Civil id Home delivery.To Request the Delivery of Your Civil ID Visit PACI’s Delivery page first from your home or workplace. Your civil id will be sent to your specified address when you have completed the registration process and paid the necessary costs.

Visit the Civil ID Delivery Page on the Paci website ( in order to have a Civil ID sent to your home. and then choose English, acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then choose “Start for Civil id provide.”

Step 2: If you already have an old civil ID, enter the civil ID number and serial number (which can be found on the back of your civil ID), and then click the Add button. If you do not already have an old civil ID, go to Step 3.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

You can either use the address on the card or manually enter the address where you want the card delivered, such as your name, delivery time, phone number, e-mail address, and preferred language of communication. Input your address and contact information. You have the option of using the address on the card or manually entering the address where you want the card delivered.

The fourth step is to confirm the delivery information and to double-check the specifics. After verifying the delivery details, you will be led to the page where you can make the payment, and after the money has been processed, you will get a confirmation receipt, which you should be sure to save in a safe place. You have the choice of printing it or saving it as a pdf.

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