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NVS Soft Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Status

NVS Soft is an enterprise information management solution provider located in the UAE. NVS Soft is a privately held corporation with regional offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, as well as value-added and system integrators distributors. The Middle East has a network. North Africa and South Asia.

In 1986, NVS Soft founded Nanofer, a tiny software development business. Neonofar has vast expertise in Developing technologies such as desktop publishing and digital mapping. It then developed ArcMate (Document Management System) in 1996, Triton Web Content Management System (1998-2001), And Exim News Management System (2001-2002).

New Vision Systems Inc. was created in 2003 by a group of regional entrepreneurs. In addition, it continues to create software solutions to worldwide standards. NVS Soft was rebranded as New Vision Systems in 2004.

NVS Soft Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Status

partnership with New Vision Systems, a major provider of information technology and delivery services, the Public Information Authority (PIA) has Began issuing citizen ID cards to people. Fill up your details and finish the payment procedure on the PACI website https://delivery.paci.gov.kw, and the call center will contact you to confirm the time and place of your delivery. Will contact Representative, pass over the old card to scan your personal data, then hand over the replacement card in an envelope. It has your name and the Authority’s emblem on it. Visit the NVS website for further info Here

How To Track Civil ID Home Delivery In Kuwait

If your civil id delivery is delayed, you may check your civil id delivery status or application here. If you can’t receive your civil ID, you should review your application. Follow the steps below to Check your civil id delivery or civil id application status

Tracking Go to PACI Website Delivery and Click here for delivery info and This is available on the PACI Delivery page’s first pick. Now choose “Delivery Request Status” to track your request. Enter your civil id number and click Search. On the new page, you can see your application’s status.

Now you can check your civil id home delivery Status online from PACI Website. To Track civil id homedelivery Now very easy just Entering your civil id number and your delivery status will show on paci websites.

Click the page https://delivery.paci.gov.kw/en-GB/search/index input your civil ID number, and click Search to Track the status.

Go to PACI’s website handover. View the delivery page here.

“Options” It’s at the upper right of PACI Delivery.

To monitor your purchase, click on “Delivery Request Status”.

Click “Search” and enter your Civil ID number.

The new page will show your Civil ID’s current status.

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