NADRA has launched a new system of verification and renewal of identity cards

NADRA has launched a new system of verification and renewal of identity cards. Thanks to the new system, every Pakistani can verify that no stranger or unrelated person is registered in his family. An awareness campaign was launch under the theme “Your family is safe, Pakistan is safe”

An operation was launch against foreigners living in Pakistan illegally. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan visited the NADRA headquarters last week. Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik gave a detailed briefing on the complete roadmap of Digital Pakistan. Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence will use to make NADRA’s database free from any kind of false entries and fake identity cards will detect.

Tariq Malik created a system of verification and renewal in a very short period of time after assuming the post of Chairman NADRA and ensured its implementation which has made it very easy to identify foreigners in the NADRA database.

As well as Thanks to this state-of-the-art verification system, all Pakistani citizens can receive and verify the details of their family members via SMS on their mobile phones.

How we can check

NADRA has launched a new system of verification and renewal of identity cards. SMS your National Identity Card number with the date of issue to 8009 from your registered mobile number in NADRA. In response, you will receive the details of your family tree. Moreover, If any information is incorrect or the name of a stranger or not relate person is included in the family. Send 1 SMS in reply to inform NADRA. A representative of NADRA will contact you in this regard. If all the information is correct, write 2 and send an SMS and confirm the information to NADRA.

In order to avail of the verification and renewal service. It is necessary to register the SMS with NADRA from the same mobile number, which was provided at the NADRA Registration Center while preparing the ID card or “B” form.

If your mobile number does not register with NADRA, you can visit any NADRA center for registration or change of mobile number. This facility is provided free of cost at all NADRA Registration Centers.

Furthermore, If the family details received through SMS do not contain the details of any family member. You can go to any NADRA Registration Center and register it.

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