Moi Kuwait Traffic Fine Online Check 2022

Today We Told you How to Check Traffic violations on the Moi Kuwait website or Mobile App The Process is s same As Moi Kuwait Traffic Fine Online Check from the mobile app or official Website in Kuwait. But Today We Told you How You Check your Traffic fine online from Your Mobile Using Kuwait traffic fine check app easily.

Moi Kuwait Traffic Fine Online Check 2022

To Check Traffic violations first you Need To Visit the Moi Kuwait website or Down, and the Mobile App  After successful login Click On E-Payment After entering a Civil Id Number below your Fine Will Show its Price and more detail.

1- Install the Moi Kuwait Android App first. Simply Search Moi Kuwait on the Android Play Store.

2- To check your traffic fines, just launch the Moi app. The app’s first interface Shows your Front. The first interface is in Arabic, click on the Left Side Top Option to convert it to English.

3- This opens a new page. In the Moi Android app, pick English as the language. The screenshot below will help you understand it better.

4- Clicking on E-Payment takes you to the login page. If you haven’t registered yet, click on the Create Account button in the Kuwait app. Create an account using your civil id or passport number. If you already have an account, enter your username and password and click sign in. So you may simply Moi Kuwait login.

5- The traffic and immigration page. Choose Traffic for moi Kuwait traffic fines. In the space below, input your civil id number. Fill in Captcha and choose Search.

6- If you have a traffic infraction, you will see the name, information, and traffic fee. Easily check moi Kuwait traffic and immigration fines in Kuwait. Now The 2nd step is To Pay This Fine online otherwise its converts into double if you do not pay in the Given period.

How To  Check Traffic Fine From Kuwait eServices Website

First Visit the official Site Kuwait eServices by clicking Here

Kuwait Traffic Fine Online Check

Click the Start E-service link on the website’s main page. To Check Traffic Fines, choose English.

Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID

After selecting Start eService, a new page will appear.

To check Kuwait traffic violations, First, log in to your account. E-Inquiries using Civil ID Online

Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID

Options abound Pick the first one Traffic Violation

Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID

Now Enter your Civil Number to Check Fines details Total Amount of Fine shows whether you have something or nothing Written.

Kuwait Traffic fine check App

This application will assist you in checking Kuwaiti traffic fines and immigration status at any time and from any location. There is no need to search the internet for a website; simply open the application, choose whether you want to check immigration status or traffic fines, and enter your civil identification number. After that, you will need to enter the same captcha number and click the submit button.

First Download The Moi Traffic Violation Check App

Install and Open in Your Smartphone Login With your Account or Create New One.

Click On Inquiries Then Check Traffic Violation Fine from Homepage

Now Automatically Your Violation will Show on Your Mobile Screen or Now Here Enter The Number Plate Number or Civil Id Number

Below Your Fine will Displayed. This fine you easily pay from official Website of Kuwait.

Kuwait traffic fine payment is an Official Website of Kuwait Where you Easily Check and Pay Your Traffic fine online using mobile.

First Please go to the official website for Kuwait eServices, which may be found at

On the homepage of the website, you’ll see a link labelled “Start E-service.” Select “English” if you want to check your traffic fines. A new page will load after you pick Start eService from the drop-down menu.

First things first if you want to check Kuwait traffic infractions, log in to your account. Electronic Inquiries Utilizing Online Civil ID

There are several available choices. Choose the first one, it’s called a traffic violation.
Now Please enter your Civil Number in order to see the specifics of your Fines. You can tell if you have anything written or nothing written by looking at the Total Amount of Fine.

To pay your Violation, click the link below. At this point Pay the costs with your card, then enter your information and click the pay button. Now that you’ve successfully paid your fine online, congratulations.

Mukhalfa check in kuwait

Mukhalfa or Fine is a Same word.To Check your Mukhalfa or Traffic violation follow below steps.First you need to visit site to check mukhalfa and pay online through your Card using mobile phone online.

First, download the MOI Traffic Violation Check app on your mobile device.

Install and Start It Up on Your Mobile Device You can either sign in with your existing account or create a new one.

After selecting “Inquiries” from the homepage menu, go to “Check Traffic Violation Fine”

Now, an automatic notification of your violation will appear on the screen of your mobile device or right here. Enter the number from the licence plate or the civil identification number.

The Amount of Your Fine will be Presented Below. You may simply pay this fee by going to the official website of Kuwait or Mobile App.

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