Make Simple tasty chicken Pulao

Many people want to construct tasty rice in their homes but they can’t create that biryani very well. For many women who want to make tasty rice in their homes, we have come up with a good way to find delicious biryani. Here’s how you can be done a great variety of rice by reading this recipe and you can also serve this delicious biryani to your guests. Make Simple tasty chicken pulao

Many people use this rice for their livelihood. When you eat a lot of rice, why not make the rice very tasty? If you use it a lot, then make it in a way that makes us feel good and makes us want to eat, and made in such a way that makes us want to eat it again and again and make it more appealing to others.

Ingredients included

  • 1kg rice
  • 750g chicken
  • Four spoon cooking oil
  • onion
  • Tomato
  • Garlic
  • Garam masala
  • Salt
  • Four glass of water
  • cardamom ( الائچی)
  • cayenne pepper(لال مرچ)

take these things ready before making a biryani

You can find rice as

Soak one kg of rice in water, take three paws of chicken, making it into medium size pieces, then take four tablespoons of oil and put it inside the pan, then put onion inside it and light the fire when the onion turns brown. Then put the meat in it. Fry it all well for three to four minutes. When the meat is done, then add chopped Thom and chopped hot spices inside it. Add cardamom and cloves and fry till it leaves chicken oil. Now add one liter of water to it. After it comes to a boil, add pulao. Exhale later and your rice will be ready.

Afghani Pulao click here

Now the pulao is ready for you. You can eat it, but before eating it, our advice to you is to prepare a raita and salad with it. We have already told you how to made it raita here. You can see that raita and salad will be done your pulao very tasty and you will have a lot of fun eating it. Make Simple tasty chicken Biryani.

People love with Pulao

Mostly people who live in asia love with pulao. As well as they like to eat rice in a day one time and some are like to eat two time in a day. In different location people who loves with pulao, they find the pulao in the city. In Pakistan mostly people are also sell pulao in different corner of the city. We have find a number of people who around the stall of rice pulao shop. And many student in universities take breakfast with chicken pulao in the canteens.

Pulao is an international recipe

We have found that in many restuarants, in menu list different country name pulao find, like chinese pulao and afghani pulao. In the same while rice are take necessary part in food. In Bangladesh rice plus fish is famous. People like this food in different styles.

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