27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos 2022

Various Mobile Apps and Websites that Pay You may earn money by just watching videos. And clicking on advertising Surveys sites Playing games and making money on your mobile or laptop. Watching Shows & movies & Clips and Ads on these excellent sites Earns you gift cards or cash. Sites like Advertigo and Advertigo pay you to watch adverts, trailers, and other stuff, While it won’t make you wealthy, viewing web movies might earn you gift cards and cash that can help you save.

You may earn money by watching adverts on your phone. This is one of the simplest methods to generate money online since it doesn’t need any expertise and may operate in the background while you do other things. This post will teach you how to be paid to watch videos online. You won’t become wealthy, but you will earn additional money doing something you like.

It’s simpler than you think to earn money viewing videos. And, because you’ll be viewing videos and commercials online anyway, it’s a great chance to make some additional income.  You don’t need expertise, time commitment, or particular skills to start a side business One is watching videos.

You may earn a few bucks an hour watching advertising, previews, TV episodes, and movies on your smartphone or tablet. The simplest approach to get started is to locate video-watching websites and applications. You’ll sign up for the sites, accept their terms, and complete the tasks. While these sites all pay you to watch videos, some also pay you to complete surveys or participate in challenges. Certain sites even reward referrals.

Making money viewing commercials is simple and flexible. It won’t bring you enough passive income to leave your day job, but it may help you save money or buy that special object you’ve been eyeing for a while. Best Apps and Websites Make money by watching videos and adverts on your phone and working from home.

Make Money By Watching Videos

Watching videos and making money from the best sites and apps online daily unlimited. Every Website is Is Different from Others and also its terms and condition Read all conditions before signup up. To Get More Money By Watching Ads & Video Create Account On Various Sites To Make More and More Money later Just start Watching Videos and make Extra Money from Your Phone.

Make Money By Watching Videos 2022

1. InboxDollers

You may also make money online By Watching Videos & Ads Using Inboxdoller. There are also Various Tasks In Inbox Dollars To Make Money. Just Join InboxDollars and get a $5 Signup Bonus. Every day, check in to InboxDollars to earn money `through test games and surveys also By Watching Videos & Ads. Keep an eye out for Winit Codes. When friends join InboxDollars, you get 30% of their profits.

In Scratch & Earn, follow the progress meter to win money. InboxDollars instead of Google. Become a Gold member with a $30 minimum payment. Upload food receipts for cash. B2B market research Prodege, a global marketing company, owns InboxDollars. InboxDollars allows users in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US to earn money. However, Canadians may join Daily Rewards, a sister site that provides similar earning opportunities.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

Android and iOS users may download InboxDollars. As of now, consumers have received almost $59 million. InboxDollars members may earn money by executing online chores. Brands interested in customer feedback and engagement work with GPT businesses like Inbox Dollars.

Answering surveys with InboxDollers pays well. Take surveys on products and services you like. It’s also worth noting that paid surveys may pay up to $5 for Every poll. Referral commissions are earned when friends join up using your link. One of the best ways to Make Money with InboxDollars is by viewing video ads & Watching Ads, Take Surveys, Downloading, and Much More.

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2. Swagbucks

For those wishing to earn some additional income in their leisure time, Swagbucks is another popular option. You may make money by viewing videos, playing games, and doing surveys, as well as by watching advertisements. You may use the points you earn to buy gift cards or PayPal cash. Welcome bonus of $20 and numerous video categories are available with Swagbucks.

Watch Ads and Videos Taking surveys, downloading applications, and shopping online may all earn you Swagbucks. You may also make money with Swagbucks by introducing your friends, which is another way to gain money.

Every day, do a few simple chores, such as watching video advertisements. You’ll be compensated if you take Surveys, of course. There are several ways to make money with Swagbucks by signing up for services on certain websites as well as participating in activities like viewing movies and playing games.

As of 2008, the number of persons utilizing the service has constantly grown. Sign up for a free Swagbucks account. It’s possible to get quick cash by referring friends or viewing movies. It has a wide range of applications. You’ll need roughly $25 to obtain your money. To be paid, you utilize PayPal.

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3. MyPoints

My Points is also Another good app to make money from Watching Videos Takesurveys playing games and much more. Just for joining up, MyPoints offers a $10 bonus that can be redeemed by viewing advertising and participating in a variety of other activities. Amazon or Visa gift cards may be used to withdraw funds, allowing you to save money on your purchases.

You should join MyPoints since it is one of the top reward programs. To win rewards, participate in surveys, watch movies, and more. PayPal, airline miles, or store credit may be used to redeem your points.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos


Many people use MyPoints as a source of extra cash. In addition to a long history, it provides a wide variety of earning options, and it is fair to redeem the points you earn. On the other hand, stay away from online survey sites since they are rife with fraud.

To make money with Mypoints, you may view movies, purchase at Mypoints-affiliated retailers, and play different video games. Doing online surveys is a simple way to get money from home.

Participating in regional marketing campaigns and distributing coupons If you sign up for the program and recommend it to a friend, you’ll earn money rapidly. using in-store coupons The ability to buy from any of the partnering retailers and more.

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4. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is a paid-to-click platform where you may earn money by viewing videos. The minimum payout is £2, and you may request cash or gift cards as payment. To earn more money, you can also do online surveys and introduce friends to PrizeRebel.

In addition to Amazon, PayPal, Visa, and Google Play gift cards, PrizeRebel also offers members cash and other benefits in the form of gift cards. Redeeming for as little as $2 has a low minimum payment and is also a rapid process.

There are presently more than 22 million users on PrizeRebel, making it a genuine online survey platform. To gain money, you may view as many videos as you like. It’s been a good day if I can be paid to watch videos on cuisine, music, or video games.

California-based For about 15 years, PrizeRebel has been in existence and has over 10 million members worldwide, including Canada. PrizeRebel, like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, allows you to earn prizes by completing a wide range of activities, not simply surveys, such as viewing videos and completing Offer Walls.

PrizeRebel indeed pays you to participate in online surveys based on your favorite brands! It’s possible to get PayPal cash and gift cards for online retailers like Apple, PlayStation, and GooglePlay by signing up with PrizeRebel.

To redeem your points for incentives, you must have acquired 200 points. PrizeRebel’s low minimum payment is one of my favorite features, along with Physical and eGift cards and PayPal cash and Gift Codes, and even Video game codes.

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5. iRazoo

iRazoo is Another Great Source To Make Some Extra Money From Home By Entertaining like Watching videos & Channels, Shows and Other ways also easy.iRazoo. Simple actions might earn you free cash or gift cards. Breaking Friends To earn Faster points You may express yourself, play games, and watch movies. Every action receives points. Pick Your Prizes Get paid your way.

iRazoo is a 2016 rewards program that pays users for downloading applications, completing surveys, and viewing videos. iRazoo offers over 50 video channels to pick from. A lot of advertisements, app teasers, short videos, movie reviews, and cookery instructions.

iRazoo’s website contains over 50 channels of video entertainment. You may view advertising, short videos, culinary instructions, and app trailers here. Any video you view earns iRazoo points. In return for cash or gift cards, points may be converted for iRazoo points.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

Complete easy activities on iRazoo to get free cash or gift cards. Another option to earn money on iRazoo is by recommending others to the site. To gain points, you may provide comments, play games, and watch movies. Nominated for a bonus award? You may select from famous online companies like Amazon, or convert the points into PayPal cash.

iRazoo has handed out about $90,000,000 in cash to its subscribers. Withdrawals include cash and gift cards from iTunes, Starbucks, and other retailers.iRazoo Video Categories Watch and earn money effortlessly. Many gift cards to select from.

iRazoo is now available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, China, and Japan.

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6. QuickRewards

For completing various offers and activities, QuickRewards is a get-paid-to service that rewards you. Paid surveys, playing games, viewing films, and joining up for websites are just some of the ways you may earn money with these offerings. Since its founding in 2002, QuickRewards has given out over $7 million to its users, according to the website. There are a wide number of activities that you may perform with QuickRewards, which is noted for its fast payouts or processing times.

You may withdraw as little as $0.01 through PayPal or $5 via a gift card using QuickRewards, which is quick and convenient. You may expect a transfer to your PayPal account within 72 hours, while gift cards are sent within a week. Gift cards from Amazon, Disney, Walmart, and Red Lobster are available.

You may pick from a wide range of instructional and informative movies and advertising, including those on current events, pop culture, and more. Get Paid for Watching Videos To get some additional money, this is the easiest and most enjoyable method.

To get the reward, you must view the whole movie, however, some films are as short as 30 seconds. You may also play games, complete surveys, complete offers, shop online, refer friends, and earn money from Quickreward much more quickly by using your mobile phone.

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7. Kashkick

KashKick is a rewards app that pays you to do surveys and does other activities for it. This platform’s goal is to make using rewards programs as simple as possible. You may use KashKick to watch movies, play games, do surveys, and complete polls.

Unlike many services that pay in points or credits that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash, KashKick pays in real money. Every time you complete a qualifying survey, a tiny sum is added to your account.

The app, like others on our list, works with firms eager to hear from customers like you. While Kashkick does not have a BBB page, it is a reputable service that enables you to earn rewards in several ways Like Watching Videos ads Surveys Watching movies playing games referrals, and much more.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

Cashing out with KashKick requires a $10 minimum. You may deposit $10 or more to your PayPal account. This is a nice feature since the payout threshold is $10, not $30 or $50 like some other sites.

Users may earn Kashkicks by viewing videos, answering surveys, downloading and playing games, registering up for services, and more. Each action pays differently, and users may cash out through PayPal whenever they reach $10 in their Kashkick account.

You may also refer friends and earn prizes with Kashkick. You’ll earn 25% of your friend’s total earnings when they join up using your referral link. Making recommendations may be a terrific method to help friends and relatives earn additional money in their leisure time.

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8. Nielsen

Nielsen is a market research firm and the world’s top panel for media and marketing data. This includes what individuals watch, listen to, buy, and do online. By registering your devices and completing Nielsen surveys, you can help shape global trends.

Continue reading to learn whether Nielsen is real and how you might profit from it. Nielsen has been measuring what people listen to and watch for over 90 years to help companies understand how their content is doing. Nielsen is an S&P 500 business with global activities.

Your browser data, including which websites you visited and how long you stayed on each, will be sent to Nielsen TV ratings if you want to be paid to watch videos.

The Nielsen mobile app collects your mobile use statistics and compensates you over time. All Nielsen app users are automatically entered into a monthly $10,000 prize drawing. Nielsen wants to know how people use their phones. This will assist corporations to understand customer perceptions of brands.

No one may volunteer to be a Nielsen family, but those chosen will get presents. Join the Nielsen Computer and mobile panel. To participate, you must download software. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Then surf the internet and view the material as usual. No particular videos are required. You’ll help firms improve their goods while earning prizes and sweepstakes entries. In a month, Nielsen gives away $10k.

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9. Netflix

True, you may get compensated for part or all of your Netflix binge-watching time. There are a lot of methods to earn money watching Netflix. You may be startled, but this is genuine.

If you want full-time work and like movies and TV, keep an eye out for jobs at Netflix. Netflix employs a few (fortunate) editorial analysts (also known as taggers) to tag their material so it shows in the appropriate categories and rows on your home screen. So viewing movies and TV might be part of your employment.

Netflix pays individuals to tag movies. If you’re fortunate enough to be employed by Netflix as a tagger, you get paid to watch movies. Editorial analysts or creative analysts are the Netflix taggers. First, Netflix indeed pays you to watch movies and TV series. Netflix does pay users to tag its shows. They pay viewers of their programs to help them tag material.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

They are paid to binge-watch TV series, movies, and documentaries. Netflix taggers are sometimes referred to as editorial analysts or creative analysts. With Swagbucks, you may earn money while watching Netflix movies. With Swagbucks, you can earn money by watching Netflix movies. Sure, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

To join Swagbucks, all you need is an email address. Swagbucks, on the other hand, gives a $5 registration bonus. Watching videos with MyPoints also pays. Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars and other comparable services work similarly. Instead of viewing individual videos, you receive points by watching playlists.

You just start the playlist and finish it to get points. You may pause or stop it at any moment, but to get points, it must play to the end. You may view videos on their website using a desktop or laptop computer, or a smartphone. Download their special MyPoints TV app to earn rewards for viewing movies on your phone or tablet. There’s an app for both Android and iOS.

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10. GrabPoints

For newbies, it stands for Get-Paid-To. Advertisers provide sponsored offers, surveys, trials, and films on these sites. Users who complete these activities get a share of the site’s earnings. GPT sites are popular since many of the offers and activities are simple to complete and flexible.

Unlike other services, GrabPoints pays somewhat more for each work than the others. GrabPoints is a 2014 smartphone app that enables users to earn points by completing surveys and viewing videos. GrabPoints has received numerous excellent evaluations on both its website and Trustpilot.

Watching videos on GrabPoints earns points. You may choose from a range of channels, avoiding watching programs that bore you. To find out how many points you’ll get and how many films you’ll need to view, grab points. With 3,000 points ($3), you may earn PayPal cash or gift cards to popular merchants.

GrabPoints rewards you for completing tasks, offers, and surveys. Once you have enough points, you may swap them for cash or gift cards. The lowest payment is $3, or 3000 points.

There are several methods to earn money through Grabspoints such as paid surveys, video viewing, offers, and Grab points Promo Codes. could refer a pal With the GrabPoints referral program, you may earn additional points by encouraging friends to join up using your unique link. Depending on the country, you might earn 25-250 points for each referral.

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11. Viggle

Viggle is a 2012 Android software that pays users for watching TV programs and listening to music. Over 7 million people have redeemed over $19 million in incentives. With the Viggle app, you can earn points for viewing TV series and movies on your favorite streaming services as well as live TV.

Make money via the Viggle app easily Use the Viggle app to tune into any TV show. Then start earning Perk Points. Redeem Perk Points for Gift Cards, Prizes, or cash with our strong Perk Plastik prepaid debit card. Perk while you wiggle.

Inspire your friends to watch episodes on Viggle. It pays you for viewing Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services. Every minute, you may gain 10 Perk Points. Quizzes, surveys, and real-time trivia items also score points. About $0.001 per Perk Point. So 1000 points = $1. While this isn’t a great salary rate. You may make money by viewing programs you already like.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

The Viggle app rewards users with points for each minute spent watching TV or listening to music (featured shows can earn up to 15X the points). Pay using PayPal cash, a prepaid debit card, or gift cards to over 200 businesses. While the Google Play ratings are varied, with many users claiming difficulties, Viggle is a real app worth trying.

The app’s monthly point cap is 60,000. Each minute viewed earns one Viggle Point. The points you get vary depending on the program and music. To earn, you must view adverts and respond to instructions during commercial breaks.

ViggleInc pays you with gift cards or products. You may exchange Viggle points for perk points after conversion. If you wish to be paid in cash, you have two options. Get a Perkplastic Debit Card to redeem points. Points may be exchanged for cash through Paypal.

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12. FusionCash

Like FusionCash, it generates money from advertisements and distributes it with its subscribers. You may make money by doing surveys, shopping, viewing films, and listening to the radio. There are several methods to make money online now. Sign up for Fusion Cash and execute one assignment at a time to be paid.

Once your FusionCash account reaches $25, you may payout through PayPal, direct deposit, or cheque. Your money is free to access. You may earn $5 just for signing up, plus $1 to $5 for each friend who joins up.

Residents of Canada 18 and older may join, whereas US residents 13 and older can do so with parental guidance and supervision. Making calls, signing up for sites, listening to the radio, and referring friends and family members all earn money.

Fusion Cash accepts Paypal, cheque, and direct deposit. Users use Paypal because it is simple and free for both parties. You will be paid every 20th if you request a payment withdrawal. The minimum paid out is $25, with $15 coming from completed tasks and surveys, not referrals. After your request is granted, you will have to wait 1–5 days for payment processing.

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13. InboxPounds

Like Swagbucks, InboxPounds pays you to do things like watch movies and do surveys. Still not a lot of money, but the more chores you complete along with viewing films, the more money you may earn. Some methods to make money with inbox pounds include Advertisers paying Inbox pounds for completing paid surveys, competitions, offers, and gaming. This is how all offers sites function.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

Making Money Is Easy First, Then activate your account. Your account will be activated after completing the sign-up form. Then finish your profile. You may now finish your profile and use the site fully. Completing your profile boosts your chances of earning money from relevant surveys. Final Make Money After completing all essential procedures and creating your profile, you’re ready to earn money. InboxPounds give you actual money at set rates.

After earning £20, you may withdraw your InboxPounds profits through PayPal or gift cards. It may take up to 48 hours for cash to appear on your PayPal account.

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14. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is a review site where you may earn points by viewing movies, listening to music, and doing surveys. The videos contain ads and movie and TV program trailers.

If you like music or TV, Slicethepie may be a great way to earn some additional cash in the evenings. Unsigned musicians and future TV series are reviewed on a site that rewards you (in cash). Then share your thoughts on excellent new music or TV series and get money.

The minimum withdrawal is $10 (£7) into your PayPal account. Because they evaluate all reviews before paying, the withdrawal request may take up to five business days to be completed.

Slicethepie Fist Pays You To Play Create an account and write reviews for money. Trailer Shows Movies and earns Music reviews operate similarly to advert reviews, except for the slider. Listen to the first 90 seconds of the music before submitting your review.

Your review earnings will be added to your account balance, which is always visible in the upper right corner. You may withdraw your profits to PayPal after you’ve earned $10 (about £7).

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15. Earnably

Earnably pays you to click. They praise and pay for particular tasks. These include completing surveys, videos, and offers. Earnably is another website that pays you to view videos. You may earn credits for cash or e-gift cards by watching movies and commercials on its partner site, Hideout. tv. It believes the adverts are identifiable as conventional TV advertising.

Then, after you’ve enrolled on both services, make sure your Hideout. tv and Earnably accounts are linked. You must manually transfer your Hideout. tv points to Earnably. Your unique referral link might earn you additional points when you refer friends and family. If they join, you’ll gain 10% of their earnings from completing offers. Plus, you may earn more with promo codes and other rewards. Earnably has.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

Earnably has several ways to make money like Offer Walls. These are the various suppliers with tasks and offers to gain points. This may be downloading an app or completing a quiz. Daily polls We have three survey partners. Any of these will send you to a survey. Video Viewing Few video sources pay 0.7–1 points on Earnably. Profit from the adverts between the videos. You may play them by clicking and letting them run. Also from Various Games Not accessible in the EU. Apps In the Apps area, you may download and use promo codes to receive rewards.

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16. CreationsRewards

Like many other sites, CreationsRewards pays you to do surveys. Signing up is free; CreationsRewards generates money by gathering audience data and doing market research for customers. While taking surveys isn’t a realistic career path, it may be a lucrative side hustle.

CreationsRewards is a popular survey site with an excellent reputation. Your data is secure with CreationsRewards and solely used to generate statistics. Almost every survey site has low compensation, yet they are still worth investigating. Even doing surveys regularly won’t make you more than $5 or $10 per week.

Most polls yield approximately 100 points, so 50 would be needed to get 5,000. You may get there faster if you utilize the website’s cash-back offers or third-party options. If not, you’ll need to conduct surveys almost every day to get $5.

With CreationsRewards, you may go to the video section of the website and view videos to gain points. To receive points, you must view the video in full. You may do this as many times as you like since there is no daily point cap.

Sign up for Creatiuonrewards, do surveys, view videos, and earn rewards. Each survey has a point value, and awards are sent within 24 hours. Points don’t always equal cash, although most prizes are about $1 for 200 points. And Apps In certain cases, mobile app developers reward users who utilize their applications for referrals and outside opportunities. Other websites that demand user participation may be found via CreationsRewards.

You may also earn points by completing surveys and testing items and services. You may also earn 10% of your friends and family’s earnings. There’s even an online shopping gateway where you can earn cashback and rebates from retailers like Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Shutterfly, and Udemy. To keep your account active, you must earn 100 points every six months.

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17. AdWallet

AdWallet is an online platform that claims to act as a dating site, except instead of connecting couples, it connects advertisers with individuals who watch their advertising. It then pays subscribers to view adverts. AdWallet compensates users for watching videos. After signing up, you’ll get an SMS instructing you to check in to view a brief commercial or video. You may earn extra by completing brief surveys.

AdWallet pays you to view videos and complete surveys that are tailored to your interests. Sign up now and start earning money right now. Yes, you may withdraw cash or acquire a gift card. Make a charitable gift. Each video is worth $0.50-$3. To payout at $10, you may use PayPal, e-gift cards, a bank transfer, or a contribution. You may also earn $1 for every referral.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

AdWallet is a free service for US citizens 13 and older. New members get a $1 signup incentive. They say they’ve paid over $1 million for viewing videos and doing surveys. AdWallet is real, according to our analysis. But just because something is legitimate doesn’t mean it’s worth your attention.

AdWallet effectively pays you to interact with businesses’ marketing messaging. AdWallet provides them your attention for a cost. Your site revenues come from AdWallet’s income from delivering this service to companies.

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18. Vindale Research

Vindale Research pays you to do surveys, read emails, and view videos. Users earn $0.80 for a 10-to 20 minute survey on Vindale, and there is no daily limit.

Vindale Research is an online panel. They are from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. According to their website, they’ve paid out over $8 million to subscribers and consulted with Disney, Amazon, and Netflix. Users are asked to engage in online surveys and product testing to help partner firms gather data.

Vindale Research’s most common revenue streams are surveys and panels. Most take 5-15 minutes and cost $0.50-$2.00 apiece. The award normally appears promptly in your account, but it might take up to 5 business days in certain situations. This popular free survey service pays participants to view advertising, do surveys, read emails, and refer friends. To make money with Vindale, just click the “videos” button on your survey page.

Vindale Research pays up to $50 for each survey and has paid members over $7 million. You may withdraw actual money using PayPal. Vindale Research’s minimum cash out is $50. After that, you may be paid through PayPal or cheque. Minimum payout: $50. New Vindale members receive $1. The Vindale has more on the platform.

There are many methods to profit from valuable research. Earn money by doing surveys and using Vindale Research promo codes. See videos Your Vindale Research dashboard has a “Videos” item on the Surveys page. Pick those films to get money. They usually last a minute or less and pay about $0.05 a piece. Also join rewards mail, referral bonuses, and more.

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19. Rewards

The reward is a Get Paid To service where users may earn points redeemable for gift cards or cash (paid by bank deposit). You may earn points by answering trivia questions, playing games, doing surveys, and viewing videos. Like Swagbucks, this service provides a variety of ways to earn.

Rewards are swiftly rising to the top of the list for earning money for minor tasks. Become a money maker by watching videos and referring friends.

You have to keep clicking “Next” to keep earning with Rewards, however, their payout is generally greater than other applications available. When you register, you instantly get a 100 point welcome bonus. Then you may cash out for a gift card or PayPal cash.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

You may make money in Rewardia by doing paid surveys and playing games. Playing games also earn prizes from Rewards. Watch Videos and Earn Money Other Activities You may earn prizes in different ways on Rewards. View movies, and even check the weather. Discounts and Referrals Rewards, like other GPT sites, has a referral program.

A good referral scheme is available. Every time a buddy gets their first 3,000 points, you get an extra 3,000 points. Posting your link on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is a terrific strategy to generate additional referrals.

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20. ClipClaps

ClipClaps is a free app that lets you view humorous videos online. Because the app rewards you for viewing humorous videos on it. The videos are posted by app users.

The software suggests you’ll be paid to post and view videos. The software allows users to connect from anywhere in the globe. ClipClaps is a new software that is quickly gaining popularity. Get paid to view brief, entertaining videos on your phone. ClipClaps pays you to search YouTube for humorous videos. When you sign up for the app, you get a $1 bonus.

I won a $1 raffle after less than an hour on the App. I had also acquired 13 cents in cash by swapping Clapcoins for cash at a reduced rate, and 1000 Clapcoins by collecting them. Getting Clapcoins is easy at first, whether you maintain watching videos, playing games, or other techniques.

You may earn points by ‘investing’ your Clapcoins for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Your Clapcoins will increase swiftly if you invest for 14 or 30 days. Watching the video for 30 seconds earns coins and RAFFLE. You can also post fascinating movies to get additional clip claps money. Video upload: Profile Once you obtain the necessary number of points, you may swap them for PayPal deposits.

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21. CashCrate

CashCrate’s online platform debuted in 2006 and immediately became a leader in incentives, surveys, and referral programs. The CashCrate platform enables users to make money online by completing free or paid offers, surveys, shopping, and referrals.

Users may establish free accounts and profiles and select from the legitimate options mentioned to make additional cash.

CashCrate is a platform that may be used to supplement income but should not be regarded as full-time employment. If you like completing tiny activities and want to get compensated for them, you should join Ysense. Join ClixSense Now and get started right now.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

CashCrate has been around for a while and their reputation is increasing. Get paid to watch videos, purchase online, do surveys, and recommend friends. In summary, it’s a quick job site. I may make $20-$30 more every month just by viewing movies. If you want to earn more money, feel free to take on the additional chores.

You may earn extra money with CashCrate by completing free offers, market and product surveys, events and conference surveys, referrals, shopping, and other paid offers.

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22. Ibotta

Ibotta is not like other sites where you may view commercials for money. Instead of watching videos, you’ll look at product commercials to see which ones will earn you cashback. Create an account to see in-store deals at your favorite retailers. A brand-specific or generic one. Spending $1 on a specified brand of yogurt, for example, earns you $0.50.

You may earn cash back by submitting a picture of your receipt, joining a loyalty account, or purchasing online using the Ibotta app. Completing partner offers might also boost your profits. Best of all, Ibotta makes it simple to receive your cashback. So, even if you don’t watch advertising, you may still make money by looking at brands and deals.

Add things to your shopping list that you like. You may submit your grocery receipt to the app afterward. Ibotta will compute your cashback. Once you get $20, you may cash out.

Bryan Leach, a former partner at a large law firm, created Ibotta in 2011. App released in 2012. Ibotta’s mission was to link businesses with merchants and customers through mobile. The app earns money from partner brands and shares it with users.

Ibotta has over 35 million downloads and has handed out over $500 million in cashback to consumers. You may earn money through Ibotta by connecting shop loyalty cards, making in-store purchases, and more. Earn by purchasing online, clicking advertisements, and completing Tell your pals You may earn $30 if you recommend three new Ibotta members who complete participating offers.

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23. Caddle

Caddle is a Canadian rewards app that pays you to write reviews, make purchases, watch adverts, complete surveys, and do other actions. The app has different offers such as cash back and discounts. It enables marketers to target particular customers who have already purchased their goods. Caddle is a cashback rebate software that rewards users to purchase at partner stores, do surveys, and view video ads.

Caddle also compensates you for viewing 15-30 second video adverts and answering five questions about them. Less than 20 second video ads normally pay approximately $0.25. If it’s above 30 seconds, you’ll receive $0.35-$0.50.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

I adore earning money using the Caddle app in my leisure time. Their surveys and video commercials are generally under 30 seconds long. More about Caddle here. Get a $1 bonus when you join Caddle with the code The finest aspect is their “refer a friend” programme where you get $1 each referral. The more people who use Caddle, the more money you make.

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24. AppNana

AppNana is an iOS and Android software that compensates users for testing applications, games, and movies. App Nana is an iOS and Android app that pays you to download and test games. The app awards users with Nanas (points) that can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

AppNana’s goal is to help game creators test their games. To earn cash, you must accomplish specified activities for specific applications. For example, you may need to complete specific stages in a game or use an app for five minutes. Upon completion, you will be rewarded either Nanas or points. AppNana may then inform the app developer.

This is a win-win situation. AppNana is paid to provide these services and you get prizes for playing games. Daily check-ins also pay 400 points for nanas. Your referral code may help you earn money utilizing this platform’s referral program. You both get 2,500 points when someone uses your code.

Here are some fantastic Appnana features. Affida When you join, you get a 10,000 nana welcome bonus. Rich referral program You both get 2,500 nanas when others join up using your unique invite code. You may recommend as many individuals as you want. BONUS PER Every day, just by checking in, you get 400 nana.

So you may go through the assignments and earn nanas even if none appeal to you. Payout minimums Your incentives start at $1. Worldwide AppNana is offered internationally, with varying offers and responsibilities.

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25. TV-TWO App

User referrals may actively benefit from the expansion of the TV-TWO user base. Send your referral link to friends and family, or publish it online for even bigger prizes! Expect enormous payouts and enter the reward zone to earn bitcoin.

TV-TWO App is free. Using the platform is free. You may view as much stuff as you like and get incentives depending on your participation. The system is based on blockchain. That’s excellent news for gamers who trade cryptocurrency or use it to make purchases online.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

They have collaborated with Libertex, Guarda Wallet, CoinStats, and Crypto.com. This allows users to spend their bitcoin winnings in a variety of ways. You are rewarded for using the platform. You may fast get points by watching movies while cooking or performing other duties.

Once you have 50,000 credits, go to the top of the page and request a transfer. You get cash, not gift cards. Cryptocurrency allows you to trade it for whatever money you choose. Their TTV Ethereum Tokens may be exchanged for Bitcoins or Ether.

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26. WeAre8

WeAre8 is a smartphone app that connects users with large businesses and sponsors them. In brief, you will be paid to promote reputable brands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Initially, I assumed WeAre8 just paid influencers for ready-made advertising. Earning money and being appreciated by brands is easy. You view brand videos when and how you choose (SMS, push notification, or email). After watching the film and answering 1-3 questions, you are paid for your time and may spend it as you like.

Make Money By Sharing Brands provide you with content. Simply make the caption and publish it with your social media accounts. also, Create your content and upload it to the app. You will also need to post your material with your social media followers. Observe and react Watch a brand video and complete a simple survey.

You may earn 10p – 20p for every video by watching advertising on this site. Once you’ve earned £1 by viewing brand video ads, you may choose one of three methods to be paid: It might be paid using PayPal.

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27. You-Cubez

You Cubez is a PTC service that pays you to do tasks. It’s normal to be suspicious of PTC sites now since there are so many scams out there. Many PTC sites are not worth joining owing to the minimal earning potential.

27 Best Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos

You-Cubez is an ad agency. This implies you may both earn money and advertise your company by viewing movies online. Since its start, the site has given over 75,000,000 ad views to its subscribers.

Make money with You-Cubuz by seeing ads and paid offers. The majority of your revenue from You Cubez will come from paid offerings, Adboard, and Referral Program.

You-Cubez offered a 15% referral commission scheme. The minimum withdrawal amount varies by membership category from $2 to $8.

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