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Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID

The importance of checking Kuwait traffic fines cannot be overstated. Mukhalfa, or driver fine, is a common occurrence in Kuwait. A large number of people travel to Kuwait to work and drive. Even if we obtain a driver’s license, we may not be aware of the regulations of the road.

Then the fine appears on our civil ID or on the vehicle’s license plate. The Kuwaiti government has set up a portal where you may be tracked down if you break traffic laws. The government raises fines every year.

We read about the rules of any country we visit, especially when we are planning a trip there. And it is here that we will go over the rules infractions in detail. Kuwait’s rules are quite severe, and these standards set Kuwait apart from other countries.

Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID

1. First, go to Kuwait’s official website. https://www.e.gov.kw/

2. Go to the website’s homepage and click on the Start E-service link. To Check Traffic Fines, select the English Language

3. After clicking on Start eService a new page will show choice here first Individuals


4. First Login Your Account clicking on Sign In Logo To Check Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID Online chose Electronic Inquiries

5. A lot of Options show Chose first one Name is Traffic Violation

6. Now Here Enter your Civil Number in the select type box to Check Fines Detail

7. All of your traffic and driving fines will be displayed.

If your Civil ID has any fines, the amount will be shown in front of you. Your Full Name will be included in the full details. If you don’t know how to read Arabic, you can use Google Translate to convert it to your preferred language. If there is no penalty on the vehicle’s number plate or Civil Id, zero will be written.

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