Kabul has been taken by the Taliban peacefully

Kabul has been taken by the Taliban peacefully. Talks have started between Ashraf Ghani and Taliban representatives at the Presidential Palace in Kabul. The head of the interim government is appoint. He is being appointed as the head of the interim government. Very good development is that an agreement has been reached not to attack Kabul. The lives of ordinary people are very precious and especially in such a country. That which has been at war for the last four decades – the uncivilized and semi-savage countries of Europe who are still living in the age of the Crusades, are constantly testing their weapons of mass destruction in this country. I am very happy that the Afghan side has shown great wisdom and saved itself from a lot of killings.

Kabul has been release after 20 years

Kabul has been taking by the Taliban peacefully. Now it’s time to the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. Peace will implement in Afghanistan. One year ago America sold our weapon to India, and after this India’s hand over weapons to Afghan forces. Now all this is in the hand of Taliban.

As well as after a long time, ago the Americans say that we will destroy the Afghan in 10 days, but at that time 20 years pass, no success has been achieving. Taliban take over own Afghanistan back. In this area World power Russia has been failing, now the second superpower is also failing.

When the Taliban entered Kabul, they do not use any force. They are not to kill anybody and not any citizen. The Taliban want peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban will make an ordinary leader. After that, the shora of Afghanistan will set and choose a permanent leader for Islami Afghanistan.

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