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In 2006 Nokia Phones were best brand in the world

In 2006 Nokia Phones were the best brand in the world. As you know that in technology terms Nokia was famous. Most people preferred to buy Nokia mobile phones. At that time their stability and manufacturing were on the top of the world. Their sale increased in 2006 by more than 77%. But technology is not waiting for anyone. Nokia’s operating system was old at that time. But after that android comes un the market. Nokia digital mobile phones did not connect with android.

Why nokia phones fail

His biggest flaw was that he didn’t connect himself to the smartphone at all. He launched his operating system and made a smartphone that won’t work at all because the front end of Android and the features of Android were very good. Nokia phones started to fail but later Nokia realized that we also make smartphones but instead making smartphones, Nokia joined hands with Windows and invented the mobile phone which caused them to fail.

But in the current situation, Nokia has connected itself to Android and has contracts with them, but now it will take time to make a place in the market because now many other brands have come who are very cheap mobile. Marketing with the same Android

Nokia phones that are prefer

In 2006 Nokia Phones were the best brand in the world. Now there are some mobiles from Nokia that people think are usable, such as small mobiles that are happening in their operating system. Many people who use this smartphone can use it for SMS. In addition to using a smartphone, people have a small mobile phone just to listen to and answer mobile phone calls.

But we still hope that Nokia will come back and you will be able to regain the trust of the people and this company will be revived because the mobiles of this company were very popular in the world and very Were standard and people are still looking for the same standard.

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