How To Take A Disc Out Of A Ps4 2022

Best Answer How To Take A Disc Out Of A Ps4 Simply place the mouse over the disc icon on your PS4, press Options, and then choose Eject to eject it. PS4 disc ejection is a simple matter of pushing a button.

how to take a disc out of a ps4

To return to the main menu, press the PS button on your controller.
Add the game or movie to the list by clicking on it.
On your controller, press the Options button.
Remove the disc.

How to get disc out of PS4 without screwdriver

It is possible to accomplish this in a number of ways. The screws on the PS4’s back can be removed using a Phillips head screwdriver. Pull the disc out of the PS4 while holding on to the top with a hand towel or cloth. Ejecting the PlayStation 4 is also possible with an ejector tool. One side of the tool features a lever you press down to remove the disc from your PS4.

How to eject PS4 disc from menu

Hover over the option to play the disc and click the Options button when the disc is inserted into your PlayStation.
When the menu appears, choose Eject.

How to eject disc from PS4 with controller

Although you’ll still need to get up to retrieve the disc, our controllers can only do so much. Move the cursor over to the PS4 icon, press the Options button, and then select Eject to eject a disc.

How to eject disc from PS4 Pro

Disc ejection is on the right, while power is on the left. Front-facing buttons are all on the same bar. This bar may be seen near the bottom of the console’s front center area. Disc ejection is on the right, while power is on the left.

How to insert disc PS4

There you have it. The only thing you have to do is press the button. Those little little buttons. The one tucked away in the crack beneath the disc drive. What do you think? Easy, right?
With the PS4 Pro, it’s exactly the same story. The little icon can be found along the light line that descends from the power button. Despite the fact that it’s difficult to find and press, it’s still there.

ps4 won’t eject disc three beeps

It appears to be a problem with ejection and/or static electricity. In order to fix it, simply remove the PS4’s lower cover and permanently flatten the metal piece that’s causing the PS4 to go haywire (scratching the gold plate does not fix it for me though). You’ll have to use your controller to eject disc-based games from here on out, but that’s not a big deal. You’ll only need a Torx T9 screwdriver if you check out the video below. For months now, I’ve been able to flatten it without incident.

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