How To Setup Thrustmaster T80 On Ps4 2023

How To Setup Thrustmaster T80 On Ps4 2023

Best Answer How To Setup Thrustmaster T80 On Ps4Start playing on your PlayStation 4 and make sure that you are signed in. Simply plug the Thrustmaster T80 racing wheel into the USB port located on the PlayStation 4.To activate the racing wheel, you must first press the button labeled “power.” The PlayStation 4 will immediately detect the steering wheel as a valid input device, and it will be prepared for usage.

How To Setup Thrustmaster T80 On Ps4?

The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition wheel has a diameter of 28 centimeters and is a scale reproduction of the Ferrari 488 GTB wheel with an 8:10 ratio. It is officially licensed by Ferrari and PlayStation 4.

Thrustmaster T80 not working PS4

As a result, the wheel may be used with the majority of different racing games. – To modify the mapping, open the game’s OPTIONS menu, then choose CONTROLLER SETTINGS from the drop-down menu that appears.

How to setup Thrustmaster T80 on PC

Edition T80 Ferrari 488 GTB T80 Ferrari. The number of the product is 4169089. Manual. Warning Message for PC Installation – Ferrari T80

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition racing wheel combines high levels of comfort and functionality into a single package. The device’s wheel, which has a diameter of 28 centimeters, and its textured rubber covering give exceptional grip surfaces, which is a quality that all players will appreciate throughout extended periods of racing.

In addition to these features, the racing wheel has 11 action buttons, a D-pad, and two huge sequential paddle shifters that are placed on the wheel’s metal spokes. In addition, this package comes with a big pedal set that has an adjustable degree of inclination as well as a broad footrest to facilitate acceleration and braking that is both accurate and comfortable.

Thrustmaster T80 PS4 compatible games

There isn’t a single game on this list that can’t be played on a Thrustmaster wheel, provided that the system is compatible. You will need a Thrustmaster wheel that is compatible with Xbox in order to play an Xbox exclusive game like Forza Motorsport. One Xbox-compatible Thrustmaster wheel is the TMX. In this circumstance, an Xbox-exclusive game cannot be played with a Thrustmaster wheel that is only compatible with the PlayStation 4 (PS4), such as the Thrustmaster T80.

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