How to see your Spotify pie charts 2022

Best Answer, How to see your Spotify pie charts You will be prompted to sign in to your Spotify account on the website, after which you will be asked to provide permission for the app to access your listening history. Your Spotify Pie Chart will be produced as soon as you give it permission, and you’ll be able to snap a screenshot of it to show your friends or post it on social media.

How to see your Spotify pie charts

Spotify Pie Chart users can now see how many songs they’ve listened to each genre thanks to a new third-party firm. Darren Huang, a UCLA undergraduate, designed the feature, which is self-explanatory: In order to use the app, users must first sign up for a Spotify account and then agree to the terms of service. A few seconds later, a multi-colored pie chart emerges on the screen, grouping streams into extremely precise categories. “Baroque pop,” “conscious hip hop,” and “Quebec indie” were all included in this writer’s findings, as well as “modern rock,” “indie rock,” and “rap.”

Colors and genres are shown in a legend at the bottom of the breakdown. Below that, a list of the most-listened-to musicians for each user is shown, with the font size decreasing from the top to the bottom.

While Spotify provides an annual summary of most-streamed music and artists via its Wrapped feature (which can be updated monthly), the site points out that the charts can be updated every month. On both mobile and desktop, Huang’s tool is compatible with Spotify streaming.

Not Spotify but a student at UCLA named Darren Huang developed the Spotify Pie Chart, which let users can view an approximate representation of their Spotify Wrapped at any particular moment in time. Following the launch of the site earlier this week, a number of users of social media platforms have taken to Instagram and Twitter to discuss the outcomes of their usage of the platform.

Receiptify is an additional tool that is available for subscribers of Spotify and Apple Music. This function enables users to see the top songs that they have listened to over the last month, the past six months, or all time. The findings are presented in the form of a receipt, much as one would get from a grocery shop.

My top Spotify songs

Discover what your Spotify listening habits reveal about you! Check the rankings of your favorite tracks, artists, and genres on Spotify and see how they’ve changed since your previous visit.

Stats for Spotify safe

StatsForSpotify does not directly log into your account or utilize any other data to generate the numbers; instead, it leverages the Spotify Application Programming Interface (API) to collect and analyze the listening statistics you supply. The application programming interface (API) for Spotify is managed by Spotify, is used by app developers of all sizes, and is risk-free.

How to see artist Spotify stats

To access your statistics, click the Settings menu in the Spotify app or on a computer, go to your profile, and then pick the See All option. Connecting the mobile app to your Spotify account will allow you to get deeper statistics and more in-depth analyses. Utilize a website run by a third party to produce additional statistics or to get a hilarious perspective on your musical preferences.

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