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How To Save Gameplay On Ps4 2022

Best Answer How To Save Gameplay On Ps4 Step 1: To preserve the past 15 minutes of gameplay footage, simply hit the Share button once to reach the Share menu. Step 2: From there, pick Save Video Clip, or tap the Square button. That will save the video to the Capture Gallery, where you may fiddle with it at your leisure or share it.

How To Save Gameplay On Ps4?

Step 1: To enter the Share menu and store the game video from the most recent 15 minutes of gaming, just hit the Share button once. Step 2: When you get to that screen, pick Save Video Clip or press the Square icon. This will save the video to the Capture Gallery, where you may edit it at your own pace or share it with other people.

How to stop gameplay recording on PS4

Simply make two separate presses on the Share button. The time that is specified in the system’s configuration settings will be recorded by the PS4. If you want to stop recording gameplay on your PS4, all you have to do is hit the Share button twice.

How to record PS4 gameplay on PC

Installing the PS4 Remote Play is the first and most important step to do. After the installation is complete, you will need to link it to your PS4 in order to use it…

Begin by launching the OBS program, then add the “Window Capture” plugin. Make sure that “PS4 Remote Play” is selected in the “Window” menu.

You may now begin recording gameplay from your PS4 console on your own computer.

How to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube

Step 1: If you want to record a video on your PS4 by essentially pushing Record before you start playing, press the Share button twice to begin rolling. This is like to double-clicking a mouse button.

How to clip last 30 seconds on PS4

To access the Settings menu, go to the main menu of your PS4.

Make sure Sharing and Broadcasts are turned on.

Choose the Settings for the Video Clip.

Choose the duration of the video clip.

Choose the duration you want, ranging from 30 seconds to an hour and a half.

The duration of any newly recorded clips will now be determined by you.

How to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube with voice

To begin, you will need to make some changes to the PS4’s video settings. To do this, either double-click the Share button or press and hold it for an extended period of time to bring up the Sharing and Broadcasts box. To set the length of the output, click the button labeled “Length of Video Clip” in this area. Your recorded video clip may be as little as thirty seconds or as lengthy as sixty minutes in length.

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