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How To Renew Du Sim Online In UAE 2022

If you wish to renew your DU sim online in the UAE, it’s pretty simple. We’ll walk you through the process of renewing your DU Sim online in the UAE in just a few minutes.

if you want to renewal online your DU Sim in 2022 you need to visit www.du.ae website by clicking on Renew id by Entering Your Du Number and Uploading front and back Side of Emirates id Soft copy.

How To Renew Du Sim Online In UAE 2022

if You want to renew Your Du Sim online in UAE follow these simple steps below. Here is a Full Guide with Pictures To Renew Du Sim Card Online in Dubai from Mobile & laptop

To renew your DU SIM card, go to Du.ae and follow the instructions. Click Here

Click Renew ID to renew your DU Sim online.

Enter the phone number you’d like to register and click Submit. Registration must be renewed.

Press the Next button after entering the confirmation received in DU SIM.

Now, insert the photo of your UAE ID next to and behind your UAE ID number, and the expiration date will be calculated automatically. To renew DU Sim Online, click the Continue option.

Accept the terms and conditions by using the ‘Continue’ button.

Wait 24 hours for a message with your number to arrive after your documents have been successfully sent; otherwise, you may check the DU SIM renewal status online here.

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