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How to record games on ps4 Easily

Best Answer How to record games on ps4 Easily Simply begin recording by pressing the SHARE button twice, then end recording by pressing it twice again. Save the current video by clicking the SHARE button and then the Save Video Clip option.

how to record games on ps4

To begin recording, hit the SHARE button twice; to end recording, repeat the process. Click the SHARE tab, followed by “Save Video Clip,” to save the video.

How to record gameplay on PS4 for YouTube

First, hit the Share button twice (as you would double-click a mouse) to begin recording. This is the equivalent of pushing the Record button on a PC before you begin playing.

How to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube with voice

First, you’ll need to tweak the PS4’s visual settings. Clicking the Share button twice or holding it down for a few seconds will bring up the Sharing and Broadcasts box. Select the desired length of the converted video by clicking the Length of Video Clip button. The length of your recorded video clip is up to you, somewhere between 30 seconds and an hour.

How to record PS4 gameplay on PC

The first step is to download the PS4 Remote Play app. You’ll need to link it to your PS4 when you install it.
Bring up OBS and add the “Window Capture” plugin.
That’s it, you’re all set to begin PC gameplay recording on your PS4.

Is it still worth buying a PS4 in

The PlayStation 4 allows for many methods of game recording. The PlayStation Camera is a viable option. You may also utilize the PlayStationMove.

Is it still worthwhile to buy a PlayStation 4 in

Given how rapidly the video game industry has evolved, it’s impossible to provide a definitive response to this issue. A PS4 may not be worth it in 2022, according to some, due to the intense competition in the industry. However, this judgment can’t be made with any certainty until we have a better idea of the state of the video game business and the most popular titles of that year.

Sold 2022 Number of PS4s

The 2018 PlayStation 4 Worldwide Sales report predicts that by 2022, sales of PlayStation 4 systems will have surpassed 100 million.

How to record PS4 gameplay without capture card

The Game Duration should be set up for recording. Start the game and then press the DualShock 4’s “Share” button. Adjust the Volume, Presets, Etc. Initiate PlayStation 4 Game Recording. Stop the Taping, Please. Prepare a YouTube video of game play and edit it.

What is the best way to record PS4 gameplay

The use of an HDMI connection and a capture card has become the standard method of recording PS4 games. By using this technique, gaming may be projected onto a computer screen and recorded using a screen capture program.

Can you record gameplay on PS4 with PC

A capture card is a typical way to record PS4 gaming on a laptop. A game capture device, together with corresponding software and an HDMI connection and data cable, are required for this.

Two, choose the Set Video Length option. As soon as you hit the share button on your PS4, you’ll be brought to this screen where you can set the recording time. The minimum automatic recording duration on the PS4 is 30 seconds and the maximum is an hour.