How To Record Gameplay Ps4 2022

Best Answer, How To Record Gameplay Ps4 How to record video clips on a PS4. Continuously and automatically, a video of the last 15 minutes of gameplay is saved. Here are some ways to save a video clip of your game play. To start recording, press the SHARE button twice, and to stop recording, press the SHARE button twice.

How To Record Gameplay Ps4?

Instructions on how to record video clips on PS4 consoles The most recent 15 minutes of gaming are captured in video form continually and automatically. The following are some of the methods in which you can preserve a video clip of your gameplay: You can begin recording by pressing the SHARE button twice, and you can stop recording by pressing the SHARE button twice once more.

How to record PS4 gameplay without capture card

Choose a destination for the installation, then continue:

Allow the system to do a check for available updates:

After you have connected your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your computer using the USB cable, click the Start button.

Make sure you are familiar with the data collecting practices of Sony, and then continue:

How to record PS4 gameplay on PC

Installing the PS4 Remote Play is the first and most important step to take. After the installation is complete, you will need to link it to your PS4 in order to use it.

Begin by launching the OBS application, then add the “Window Capture” plugin. Make sure that “PS4 Remote Play” is selected in the “Window” menu.

You can now begin recording gameplay from your PS4 console on your personal computer.

How to record gameplay on PS4 with Voice

There are a few different options available on a PS4 for recording one’s voice.

Utilizing the PlayStation 4’s in-built recording functionality is one option.

To accomplish this, navigate to Settings > SHAREfactory > Record Video, and then check to see that the setting for Record Audio is switched on.

After that, you’ll want to press the Share button on the controller in order to begin recording.

How to record gameplay on PS4 with capture card

Establish a connection between the computer and the PlayStation 4, HDMI, and capture card.

After that, power up your PlayStation 4, and you should see the PlayStation 4 screen projected onto the display of your computer.

After that, you can use the button below to download this screen recorder, and then install it on your device.

How to screen record on PS4 and send it to your phone

Part 1: The Easiest Way to Download Videos from Your PS4 to Your Mobile Device

Part 2: How to Capture Video of Your Playing Sessions on the PS4

3. How to Record and Share Gameplay on the PS4

How to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube with voice

To begin, you will need to make some changes to the PS4’s video settings. To accomplish this, either double-click the Share button or press and hold it for an extended period of time to bring up the Sharing and Broadcasts window. To set the length of the output, click the button labeled “Length of Video Clip” in this area. Your recorded video clip may be as brief as thirty seconds or as lengthy as sixty minutes in length.

How to record PS4 gameplay with facecam

Select the PS4 game window from the drop-down menu that appears after you click the “REC” button located in the far left portion of the toolbar. After that, activate “System Sound” to incorporate the sound from your PS4 into the mix. Additionally, you will need to activate the “Microphone” function in order to record your voice while playing games on a PS4. Simply connecting an external webcam to your own computer will give you the ability to use it as a face cam. After that, the instrument will automatically detect the device on its own.

How long can you record on PS4

You can change the length of a video clip that you record on PS4 so that you can record gameplay for a maximum of sixty minutes, even if the default recording time on PS4 is fifteen minutes.

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