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How To Record A Video On Ps4 2022

Best Answer How To Record A Video On Ps4 Continuously and automatically, a video of the last 15 minutes of gameplay is saved. Here are some ways to save a video clip of your game play.

how to record a video on ps4

Automatically and continually capturing the last 15 minutes of gameplay To record a video of your gaming, you can do so in one of the following methods.

How to record a video on PS4 with voice

To incorporate audio from the headset or PlayStation®Camera in a video clip, tick the box next to the appropriate option.

How to screen record on PS4 and send it to your phone

The microphone audio from the headset or PlayStation®Camera can be included in a broadcast by selecting the checkbox.

How to record videos on PS4 for YouTube

We propose Wondershare UniConverter (formerly Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) if you want to convert PS4 videos to your phone. You may edit videos, apply effects, and transfer videos from your computer to Android devices, Apple devices, camcorders, and other external storage devices using this programme.

How to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube with voice

Press the Share button twice, exactly as you’re double-clicking a mouse, if you want to record a video on your PS4 before you start playing.

How to record on PS4 without capture card

Start by modifying the PS4’s video settings. Open the Sharing and Broadcasts window by long-pressing or double-clicking the Share button. Select the output duration by clicking the Length of Video Clip button. The length of your recorded video clip is entirely up to you.

How to record PS4 gameplay on PC

Set the Game’s Recording Length. After starting the game, press the DualShock 4’s “Share” button.
Customize the sound settings.
Enable the PlayStation 4 to record gameplay.
Put a stop to the tape.
Upload the edited video to YouTube.

How to clip last 30 seconds on PS4

To begin, download and set up PS4 Remote Play. The PS4 will need to be connected as well once it has been installed.
OBS can be launched, and “Window Capture” can be added. PS4 Remote Play should now be selected as the “Window” setting.
Your PS4 Gameplay on PC can now be recordedSettings can be found in the PS4’s main menu.

You can choose to share and broadcast.
Video Clip Settings can be selected here.
Choose the Video Clip Length.
From 30 seconds to 60 minutes, pick your preferred duration.
Newly recorded clips will now be of the duration that you have specified.

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