How to post on bereal App 2022

How to post on bereal App 2022

Best Answer, How to post on bereal App Take a Picture and It will alert you to snap a picture by sending you a notice. You have two minutes to click on the notice and snap two images, one using the front camera and one using the rear camera. After that, you can add a caption and choose whether you want to share it with only your friends or with everyone. To publish it, click the Send button.

How to post on bereal App

Take a Photo and When you’re ready to snap a picture, you’ll get a notice. Within two minutes, respond to the notice by taking two images (one with the rear camera and one with the front camera). A caption may then be added and it can be shared with just your friends or the public. To post it, click Send.

What is Bereal App and How to Use

BeReal is a social networking application that was launched in France in the year 2020. Alexis Barreyat was the one who came up with the idea, and beginning in 2022, Generation Z started using it. For it to work, each day users are asked to post a picture taken of themselves doing whatever they are doing within a randomly picked two-minute window of time.

How to Take a Bereal Step By Step

Make sure you have an account by. Find Friends. Capture an image and upload it. Delete Your BeReal. Check out where your friends are now located.Here is a Complete Detaiul Below

First Create an Account

Android and iOS users may utilise BeReal. To get started, download the app from your preferred app store.. Use your phone number and complete name to sign up for an account. On the phone number you provided, you will get an SMS with a confirmation code. To continue, you must enter the code shown below.

 Find The Friends

Accessing and adding friends from your contact list is required after logging in. You may prohibit the app from accessing your contacts by clicking on Don’t Allow if none of your friends are using it.

Take and Post a Picture

As soon as you sign up for an account, the app prompts you to snap a photo. When you’re ready to snap a picture, you’ll get a notice. Within two minutes after receiving the notice, snap two photos from the rear and front cameras.

Add a caption and choose whether or not you want it to be shown to everyone or just your friends. When you’re done, press the Send button. You may reach the Memories area by clicking on the user symbol in the top-right corner of the site, which displays all of your photos.

To be clear, this app does not operate like Snapchat at all, despite its appearance. As a result, there are no streaks to break and no points to gain. You won’t be able to see your friends’ BeReals if you don’t share a photo every day.

There is a Discovery feature in the app where you may view other people’s BeReals. To respond, click the emoji in the post’s lower left corner.

Delete The BeReal

You can get rid of it if you want. You may only remove one photo each day on BeReal. Delete my BeReal by clicking on the photo. Once you’ve selected the reason for deleting your BeReal, click Delete.

How to screenshot bereal

To begin, click on the button for taking a screenshot. An example of this is below. So, in order to find out who took a screenshot of your article, you must publish your post on social media. My post was shared on WhatsApp.

Go back to the BeReal app after sharing. Re-click on the screenshot icon. This is where the person who took your BeReal picture screenshot will be listed in the final Done section.

Using BeReal’s Services, you may post photographs, RealMojis, and comments. BeReal collects this material. Your content may be copied or screenshotted by anybody who views it. If you don’t want to share anything with a buddy, don’t publish it or email it.

How to delete Bereal Post & Photo

Click “Delete my BeReal” after opening the menu that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of your BeReal app. There is a catch with this one, just as there is with the other stuff on this app. Because you can only delete your BeReal account once per day, you should probably give some serious consideration to how you make use of it. After you have shared a post with others, you have the option to remove it so that no one else will be able to see it.

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