How To lock Facebook Profile in Qatar

Facebook is the most popular social media network. Facebook covers all bases, whether it’s connecting with loved ones, promoting, or operating an online company. Facebook also provides top-notch account security, with features like ‘Facebook Profile Lock’. Now you may use this function to lock your Facebook account and prevent unwanted access. Read this article carefully to learn how to hide your Facebook profile from outsiders on various devices and operating systems.

Facebook is a wonderful way to connect without Really meeting. We rely on social media to receive information about our loved ones, friends, family, and more. Today We Told you In Full detail How To lock your Facebook Profile in Qatar Even you use your Facebook on your Computer & laptop or Een Mobile It’s easy.

Facebook’s latest feature enables you to lock your profile to protect your privacy. If you don’t know how to lock your Facebook profile, carefully read this section and follow the step-by-step instructions. When you lock your Facebook profile, only your friends can view your posts, images, and comments.

How To lock Facebook Profile in Qatar

How To lock Facebook Profile in Qatar

The Facebook Android and iOS apps make it simple to block stalkers. Here’s how to lock your Facebook profile.

Tap on your profile in the Facebook app.

Next, hit the three-dot menu next to ‘Add to Story.’

The ‘Lock Profile’ option is here. Tap it to get to the Lock Profile page.

Click ‘Lock Your Profile’ to confirm.

Your Facebook profile is now locked. You may also unlock it by following the same instructions.

How To lock Facebook Profile Via laptop

You may also lock your profile using a desktop browser. Simply follow these steps

Login to your account at

Simply click on your profile.

The three-dot menu is there. Tap it and choose Lock Profile.

A pop-up message explaining how to lock your profile will appear, with a Lock Your Profile button at the bottom.

To lock your profile, click it. Your profile has now been locked.

How To Unlock Facebook Profile

The methods to unlock your Facebook profile are the same on mobile and desktop. Instead of Lock Profile, choose Unlock Profile and press Unlock on the following screen. You will see a short explanation of how to unlock your profile and an option to Unlock Your Profile at the bottom.

Go to Facebook on your phone or on your computer.

Click on the three-dot menu in your Profile area.

Unlock Profile option is there. When you click it, a message appears. Unlock Profile.

How to lock Facebook profile on the app on Android or iOS? Both acts have the same outcome. Once you block a Facebook profile on the Facebook app, no one else can see your profile.

Blocking your Facebook profile is one of the greatest methods to prevent outsiders from seeing it. If you don’t know how to lock your Facebook profile on mobile, you may either use the Facebook app or a mobile web browser.

You may question how to lock your Facebook profile on the iPhone app. It indicates you don’t want strangers or the public to view your Facebook profile when using the Facebook app on your iPhone.

To lock your Facebook profile on a Mac, just go into your Facebook account and click More beneath your name on the main Facebook profile page. Next, choose Lock Profile and confirm by choosing it again. Once locked, no outsider may see your Facebook profile.

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