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How to highlight text on android Easily

Best Answer How to highlight text on android Easily Annotations may be added to a preview by tapping the corresponding icon at the preview screen’s bottom. You’ll see certain tools popping up. After that, choose the highlighter. To highlight text inside the file, just tap and drag on the text.

how to highlight text on android

Annotations may be added to the preview by tapping the symbol at the bottom of the screen. Suddenly, a toolbox will materialize before your eyes. After that, choose the highlighter. You may choose text inside the file by tapping and dragging the text.

How to highlight text on samsung phone

To access the annotations toolbar, tap the annotations icon located at the preview screen’s footer. In this case, a toolkit will pop up. Then, pick the highlight text option. To choose text inside the file itself, just tap and drag the desired area.

How to highlight text in PDF

Launch Acrobat to access your PDF. Select the text you wish to highlight by clicking and dragging the pointer to the desired location. In the space above your current content, you’ll see a little toolbar. When you click the highlighter icon, the tool will highlight the text you have chosen.

Yellow text highlighting on Android: how to achieve it

On Android, you may yellow highlight text in a number different ways. Keyboard shortcut “C-H-I-A-R-T-Y” (or “cmd+h”) is one option. The textedit app available from the Android Market is yet another option.

Help! I need to know how to highlight text on my computer.

Some words on your screen may be highlighted in a few different ways. Using a text editor like Microsoft Word or the free alternative Notepad++ is one option. To edit videos in another method, you may try using QuickTime.

How can I use Android to highlight text in an image

Android has a number of options for bringing attention to text inside an image. Using the “Highlight” feature on your preferred picture editing app, like Instagram or Google Photos, is one option. Alternatively, you may use a word processor or text editor to establish a hyperlink directly to the section of text you like to emphasize.

How to highlight text on Samsung tablet

Slide the blue brackets to emphasize the relevant parts of the text. left/right/up/down.
If you touch the screen, the whole section of text will be highlighted. Chose ALL of the above. (found in the uppermost part)

How to highlight text using keyboard

Simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right will highlight one word at a time. To select a whole line of text, place the cursor at the beginning of the line while holding down the Shift key and then clicking the Down arrow.

How to select text in Android

Start by tapping and holding the first word you want to pick, and then drag your finger to select the rest of the text. The amount of text picked may be altered by dragging the beginning and ending selection handles.