How to Get Level 10 Gems in Diablo Immortal 2022

Best Answer, How to Get Level 10 Gems in Diablo Immortal You may get Normal Gems by performing Bounties and by clearing out secret lairs, so getting your hands on one of these gems shouldn’t be too difficult. Hilts may also be traded in for them if desired. It is possible to combine normal gems in order to raise their rank and efficacy; but, in order to do so, you will need three identical examples of the same kind of gem. You can level up your gems all the way to rank 10, if you so want.

How to Get Level 10 Gems in Diablo Immortal

Utilizing the appropriate Crests is essential in order to successfully complete an Elder Rift. Rare Crests provide a percentage chance of obtaining a Legendary Gem, while purchasing a Legendary Crest ensures that you will get one. Utilizing many Crests at the same time improves your odds. Caution is advised, since the Elder Rifts will increase in difficulty as you acquire more Crests. High stakes, but potentially huge payoff

Legendary Gems, much like Normal Gems, have the ability to level up, which boosts both their rank and their usefulness. You will need Gem Power in order to accomplish this goal. You may earn Gem Power by using multiple copies of the same Legendary Gem or Gem Fragments. The highest level that a Legendary Gem may reach is 10, often known as rank 10.

To conclude, the easiest approach to acquire Gems of level 10 is to just finish as many Elder Rifts as you possibly can. This is the finest method. You may improve your chances of obtaining a Legendary Gem by hoarding all of your Rare Crests until you can utilize them in one fell swoop. Keep in mind that finishing Elder Rifts while wielding a Crest awards you with Fading Embers as well, and you can trade them in for Runes, which may then be utilized to construct further Legendary Gems.

Diablo Immortal Legendary gems

You will need to speak with the Apprentice Jeweler if you want to create Legendary Gems. You may purchase a variety of Legendary Gems using the runes that you’ve earned through completing Elder Rifts and exchanging them here.

In order to create a Legendary Gem, you will need a unique combination of runes, in addition to a certain quantity of runes. In addition to this, you’ll have the opportunity to randomly build a Legendary Gem using the following components:

Create an Unbound Legendary Gem of 1 Star Level. Craft a 2-Star Unbound Legendary Gem Create a Legendary Gem of Unknown Type (this creates one anywhere between a 1-Star and 5-Star)

In this section, you may also manage your Legendary Gems and replace or improve any of them as you see fit. In order to improve your Legendary Gem, you will need to collect gem pieces as well as duplicates of the gem you want to enhance.

Diablo Immortal Boon of Plenty

You have the option of purchasing the Boon of Plenty three times, which will provide you a total of ninety days. In addition, the Boon of Plenty will expand your inventory space by an additional 6 Rows, provide you access to the Market from inside your inventory, provide an additional 4 Market Trade Slots, and award you with 300 Eternal Orbs.

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