How To Get A Stuck Disk Out Of A Ps4

How To Get A Stuck Disk Out Of A Ps4 2022

best Answer How To Get A Stuck Disk Out Of A Ps4 Eject stuck disc for CUH-7000 series CUH-2015 series: eject stuck disc Get the stuck disc out of the CUH-1200. CUH-1110 and CUH-100: Eject stuck disc

how to get a stuck disk out of a ps4

Turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise to release the disc from the manual eject hole. The screw may have to be turned a few times to achieve this. To remove the screw, you must press through a layer of plastic. The warranty will not be impacted by this.

How to get disc out of PS4 without screwdriver

You can manually eject a disc if it gets stuck in your PS4 system. To get started, you’ll need a long Phillips screwdriver and the model number on your PS4TM console.

How to eject PS4 disc from menu

Hover over the option to play and click the Options button when the disc is inserted in your PlayStation.
When the menu appears, select Eject to remove the disc.

How to eject disc from PS4 with controller

Getting up to fetch the disc is still required, but our controllers can only do so much for now. A PS4 controller may be used to eject a disc by selecting the disc icon, then pressing the Options button and then selecting Eject.

ps4 won’t eject disc three beeps

It appears to be a problem with ejection and/or static electricity. By removing the PS4’s bottom cover, you may permanently flatten the metal eject that’s causing the PS4 to malfunction (scratching the gold plate does not fix it for me though). You’ll have to use your controller to eject disc-based games from now on, but that’s not a problem. You’ll just need a Torx T9 screwdriver if you watch the video below. For the past few months, I’ve been able to flatten it with no issues at all.

Where is the manual eject screw on PS4

The console’s outside left border should include two sets of vents. Take a look at the first vent on your own. To locate the manual eject screw, shine a flashlight into this vent. Turn the screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver until you see the disc peeking out of the slot.

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