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How To Fix System ui Not Responding Samsung Easily

Best Answer, How To Fix System ui Not Responding Samsung First of All Clear The Cache, Uninstall Google Updates, Now Update the Android System, Turn off Your Phone, and Restart. Reboot Your Device in Safe Mode, Wait some MOment and Try Later.

How To Fix System ui Not Responding Samsung

Here is Procedure to Fix System ui Not Responding Samsung.

Uninstall Google Updates

If your smartphone began displaying the system UI isn’t responding message after you upgraded the Google app, the new version of the app is probably to blame. In this scenario, removing the Google updates is the quickest and easiest way to fix the problem. Select the “Google” app from the list of available programmes in the Settings > Apps menu. If you no longer want to have the most recent updates installed on your device, select the “Uninstall Updates” link. Finally, try restarting your smartphone to see if that resolves the issue.

Clear Google App Cache

Clearing the app cache is also necessary if uninstalling Google’s app updates didn’t solve the issue. In order to expedite the procedure as a whole, cache files are automatically generated. While cache files are useful, having too many of them might cause a variety of system issues. Thus, it is highly recommended to regularly clean app caches.

Select “Apps” from the “Settings” menu. Select “Google” from the drop-down menu and launch it. By going to “Storage” and then “Clear Cache,” you may delete the app’s temporary files.

Factory Reset Your Device

If nothing else works, a complete factory reset is your last resort for fixing the system UI has stopped Galaxy fault. Once you do a factory reset, all data stored on your device will be deleted, returning it to its original state. Performing a factory reset should be your last resort, and you should always back up your data beforehand.

Update Android System

Errors like “system UI has stopped” might appear if you’re using an out-of-date version of Android, among others. If your device has any available system updates, you should apply them immediately. Select “Check for Updates” from the System menu > “Advanced” > “System Update” to see if there are any newer versions of Android available. Install the update immediately if it becomes available.

Reboot Your Device in Safe Mode

To access the boot menu, press and hold the “Power” button for three to four seconds.

You’ll see the “Reboot to Safe Mode” prompt appear when you press and hold the “Power Off” button for a few seconds. After confirming your actions by clicking “Ok,” the device will restart into “Safe Mode.”

When you’ve entered safe mode, use your device normally for a bit and see if the issue reappears. If it doesn’t, try a regular restart of your device and then, one by one, remove any third-party applications you recently installed to see if it fixes the problem.

Uninstall Third-Party Apps

It is possible that your Android system UI will stop working if you have downloaded some third-party applications from unknown sources. This is because these third-party applications may conflict with your Android system UI, and your Android operating system may not be able to grant permission for those applications. Uninstalling these third-party applications from your device is the best course of action for you to do in this scenario in order to resolve the problem of the system UI not responding.

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