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How To Delete Youtube Tv Recordings permanently

Best Answer How To Delete YouTube Tv Recordings permanently Pick a photo to represent you. In this context. Choose Confidentiality. Select View and manage your recorded streams. A Google privacy page will load in its place. This will launch in a new window or tab on your web browser. Simply choosing Delete will remove the selected item. You may also filter by a certain time frame or look for specific things to remove.

How to delete recordings from YouTube TV library

Select the Delete option next to the title of the program on the program page to delete it from your collection. If you delete an episode of a show from your library, future airings will no longer be captured. Your previously recorded shows will be accessible until their expiration date.

How to delete recordings on YouTube

Choose an image to represent you on the site. In this context…
Choose Confidentiality.
Choose to handle your watched list.
A Google privacy page will open in a new tab. This will launch in a new tab in your web browser.
Select Delete to get rid of the current item.
You may remove certain things by searching for them or filtering them by a certain time frame.

how do i edit my youtube tv library?

If you’re watching YouTube TV on your mobile device, you may mark episodes as viewed by doing a long press on them in the Library. That way, you won’t get any more suggestions to try it.

YouTube TV record only new episodes

Turn on your computer and login into YouTube TV.
Find a program you wish to record by typing its title into the search field. Crack it open.
To add a show to your list, click the + sign to the right of the title.

YouTube TV mark as watched missing

Locate the episode of the program whose content you want to mark as viewed. Repeat the segment as many as possible. Choose “Mark as viewed” from the pop-up menu.

YouTube TV resume watching not working

If you experience the problem described above—the playback being reset after pausing—you should immediately go to the Main page. The video may then be accessed from the Recently Watched list and, when played, will resume from the point at which it was stopped.

YouTube TV mark as watched firestick

Find the episode of the program you wish to mark as seen.
Select the episode you want to modify and then press and hold it, or touch the Menu button that appears next to the episode.
Select “Mark as viewed” from the option that opens.