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How to delete your featured photos on facebook 2022

Best Answer, How to delete your featured photos on facebook Click on the icon to see your profile picture and the photos you’ve chosen to show off. You can remove your picture or add a new picture in a number of ways. To add a new picture, you can either choose one from your Facebook photos or upload a new one. After you put the picture in, you need to make sure it fits and looks good in the space.

In Facebook, go to the top right of the screen and then click on your name to open it. Tap the Edit Public Details button next to your bio to change what people can see about you. Tap Edit next to the Featured area. When you’re done with a photo, you can tap to remove it or tap Add Photo to add another.
It’s done.

how to delete your featured photos on facebook

Tap on your name in the upper right corner of Facebook, then tap on your profile picture.
Tap and hold a collection in the See More About Yourself section below.
Select Delete Featured Collection from the drop-down menu, then touch OK.

How to remove Featured photos

On your Home Screen, choose the Photos widget to see your photos.
Select the picture you wish to delete by either swiping it or tapping on it on the display at the bottom.
To share something, click on the Share icon.
Remove From Featured Photos by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Even if you don’t have the widget, you may still delete Featured Photos from your device’s Photos application. It’s as simple as going to Images > For You > Featured Photos and your photos will show. Follow the same steps to delete any photographs from the gallery that you do not wish to be shown. Check out our Tip of the Day for more more helpful hints on using Apple goods.

How to see who viewed your featured photos on Facebook 2022

Following a click on your featured picture collection, you will be presented with an enhanced full screen display of the number of visitors in the bottom corner of your featured photo collection.

The amount of names that are shown is often limited. If you want to see the whole list of viewers, click the arrow button.

How to see Featured photos on Facebook

Scroll down until you reach your ‘Featured’ collection, which is located directly above the ‘Edit Public Details’ option. Now, choose the collection from the drop-down menu. A slideshow will begin, displaying all of the Featured photographs you have on your computer.

My featured photos have disappeared from Facebook 2022

Solution: Go to Edit Profile -> Featured -> Select the appropriate option. On the right-hand side, choose Edit. There is a Delete all option located at the bottom of the page. To eliminate all of the Featured Collections, just tap on it. You will be able to re-add your featured photographs after they have been erased.

How to Public Featured photos on Facebook

To access your profile image, go to the upper right corner of Facebook and click it.
To the left of the Intro, choose Add Featured from the drop-down menu.
Add a new entry by clicking Add New.
Select the photographs you’d want to include from the drop-down menu.
Select Next from the drop-down menu.
Save your work by clicking on the Save button.

How to arrange featured photos on Facebook

To reorganize photographs, open an album and place your cursor over the photo you want to rearrange. In the upper left corner of the picture thumbnail, a symbol like two crossed lines will display, indicating that users may drag the photo to a new location.

How to make Featured Photos

When you see a picture on the widget, just tap it to access it in Photos on your computer. Open the Photos app straight from your device’s home screen and touch the image in the Featured Photos section of the For You menu. 2) Open the picture by selecting it and then tapping the Share button. Alternatively, you may press and hold the picture until the shortcut menu is shown.

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