How to delete save file in citra

How to delete save file in citra 2022

Best Answer, There are two ways that you can get rid of this folder: You can right-click on the game and choose Open Save Data Location. Then go down a level and delete the content folder, which is where your game is stored.

how to delete save file in citra

1st, open the Citra
2-Click on “File” in the top bar and then “Open Citra File” to begin.
3) Open the file in the following order: sdmcNintendo 3DS000000000000000000000000000000title00040000
Using Pokemon Ultra Sun, you can now choose the file “001b5000” and go through it until you reach a file known as “main,” which you can then remove from your computer.
1-Enter the file until you see a file with the name “main” and delete it. 2-If you have another sort of pokmon in your citra, the name of the save folder will be different, but the easiest method to fix this is to enter the file until you see the name “main” and remove it.
6-If you are still perplexed, here is the name of some Pokemon save folders that I am familiar with: “001b5000, 001b5100, 0011c400, 00055e00.”
7-Thank you for your understanding, and I really hope that the procedures listed below will assist you in resolving your issue.

How to delete save file in Citra Android

Right now, you must manually remove the folder; if it is the game itself, right-click on the game and choose Open Save Data Location; then go down a level and delete the content folder, which is where the game is stored

How to delete save file Pokemon X Citra

To make games appear in the list, go to File -> Select Game Directory from the menu bar. Open the Save Data Location by selecting it from the context menu of Pokemon X.

How to delete save file Pokemon omega Ruby citra

It is stating that the save data has been corrupted. Change the region in the game’s settings to match the one in the settings. When removing saves, don’t only remove the save file; also delete the save directory. In this instance, it is the primary file. You’ll need to remove the folder that’s called after the game’s lower title ID in order to complete the task. Navigate backwards until you reach the 00040000 folder after selecting “Open Save Data Location.” The folder 0011c400 is the one you’ll want to get rid of.

Citra save file location android

A folder or folders with your game’s titleID as its name will be found within the 00040000 folder, which will be found inside the 00040000 folder. There will be a titleID folder in this location for every game for which you have a save file (that you have launched on this Citra version). The save data should be located within their titleID folder (sometimes a little deeper inside of it).

Yuzu delete save data

Right-click the game in yuzu’s list, choose Open Save Data Location, confirm the user profile, then erase the files that appear in the window that appears.

Pokemon X save file

Base Files for Pokemon ORAS and XY that have been loaded with legal Pokemon. All legal Pokemon were saved in the very first Pokemon Center (001-719). Hoopa and Volcanion are among the characters.

How to delete save data on Ryujinx

When right-clicking on a game, include a delete save file option in the menu. Known issues: Device saves are not being deleted. Fixed.

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